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Civil   (General Civil, Landlord-Tenant, and Small Claims)

Answer, Civil MC03
Affidavit and Claim, Small Claims DC84
Demand and Order of Removal, Small Claims DC86
Motion and Affidavit to Set Aside Default (Civil) MC99
Demand for Possession, Non-Payment of Rent, Landlord-Tenant  DC100a
Demand for Possession, Damage/Health Hazard to Property, Landlord-Tenant DC100b
Notice to Quit to Recover Possession of Property DC100c
Complaint, Non-Payment of Rent, Landlord-Tenant DC102a
Complaint, Damage/Health Hazard to Property, Landlord-Tenant DC102b
Complaint to Recover Possession of Property DC102c
Summons, Landlord-Tenant/Land Contract DC104
Judgment, Landlord-Tenant DC105
Application and Order of Eviction, Landlord-Tenant/Land Contract DC107
Summons and Complaint MC01
Dismissal MC09
Certificate of Satisfied Judgment MC17
Small Claims Appeal of Right 


Online Requests 

​Civil Infraction Admission of Responsibility with Explanation
Contact Information
Informal Hearing Adjournment Request
Request for Payment Extension
​Copy Request



Motion to Set Aside Default Judgment and Order, Civil Infraction CIA04
Claim of Appeal of Right, Civil Infraction CIA05
Advice of Rights and Plea Information​
DC 213​
Application to S​et Aside Conviction(s) 
​Application to Set Aside Marijuana Conviction(s)



Contact Information Form     MC505
Fax Payment Form for Civil Motion Fee 
(Before using this form, call the Civil Division at 734.794.6752, option 4.)                         
Fax Payment Form for Traffic or Criminal Case
Request for Copy of Court Proceeding on DVD
Request and Notice for Media Coverage of Court Proceedings MC27
Request for Accommodations MC70

Request and Order for Interpreter


Additional State approved forms can be found online at the State Court Administrative website.

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