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This form is confidential and not to be served on other parties in this case. Any contact information below that has already been provided or is provided in the future in a public court filing or through the MiFILE system will not be made confidential by this document.

Upon submitting this form, you are consenting to text, e-mail, and/or phone notifications on your court case. If the case is NON-PUBLIC, it is NOT ELIGIBLE for text or phone notifications.

I understand, based on the options chosen above that I will receive text, e-mail, and/or voice notifications to the phone number or e-mail address listed on this form. I also understand that the 15th Judicial District court is not responsible for any additional fees or charges due to my phone carrier data rates. In the event that my e-mail, or cell or land line phone number changes, I will notify the court to update their records, and if I fail to do so it will result in the termination of this service from the court.

Privacy Disclaimer: Your contact information is necessary to assist the court in providing important information in a timely manner. Your information will not be sold, distributed, or shared with any other entity. If you wish to opt out of notifications, please contact the court at 734-794-6750, option 0, and speak to a clerk.