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Street Outreach Court

The Washtenaw County Street Outreach Court offers individuals who are homeless or at risk of homelessness the opportunity to resolve Washtenaw County civil infractions and non-violent misdemeanor cases, including warrants.

Clients must demonstrate their commitment to working with service programs to reduce the recurrence of offending behavior by entering into a voluntary Action Plan which addresses the offending behavior that led to the criminal charge(s), including any victim concerns.

Street Outreach Court is held on scheduled Wednesdays at noon in City Hall Basement Conference Room A.  The service provider must accompany the client to the hearing.  The setting is relatively informal.  The judge will ask the service provider to state on the record the efforts the client has made toward self-sufficiency.

For more information, or to submit an application (PDF 214KB), contact:

Joseph Royal
Probation Agent
Phone: 734.794.6761, ext. 47535
Fax: 734.794.6762
Email: [email protected]

Washtenaw County Veterans Treatment Court

Veterans Treatment Court is a non-adversarial, post-sentencing, and problem-solving program that works toward helping justice involved veterans with substance abuse or mental health conditions.  The program is centered on intensely monitored probation and treatment compliance.  Eligible non-violent veteran defendants are diverted from a traditional criminal justice track to a treatment based approach.  Veterans Treatment Court helps participants access additional resources that might not be available in traditional criminal courts.  Furthermore, it creates a supportive community amongst the veteran participants. 

Program requirements change as a participant moves through specially designed program phases.  Sanctions will be imposed if participants do not follow probation or treatment requirements.  Rewards may be given for successful progression through the program.

The Veterans Treatment Court program is 18-24 months long.  Each participant's length of involvement with the program is dependent on their ability to comply with court orders and treatment plans, remain drug and alcohol free, and achieve personal goals.

Veterans Treatment Court is held every other Wednesday from 9am-12pm on the fifth floor of the Justice Center in courtroom three.  At review hearings, the presiding judge will interact one-on-one with each participant in a non-adversarial manner.  Local veterans and citizens are welcome to attend.

 General Requirements

  • Must be a U.S. Military Veteran and not be dishonorably discharged
  • Must not be a violent offender and must not be a danger to the community
  • Must suffer from a mental disorder or substance abuse issue
  • Must present as a good match to the Veterans Treatment Court method
  • Must submit to program requirements for 18-24 month

Program Information Contact:

Paul Graveline
Veterans Ct. Coordinator
Ph: 734.794.6761 ext.47544
Fax: 734.794.6762
Email: [email protected]  

Referral & Interview Contact:

Ken Ashenfelter
Probation Agent
Ph:734.794.6761 ext.47534
Fax: 734.794.6762
Email: [email protected]

Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court is a problem-solving court that focuses on therapeutic treatment for offenders with mental illnesses whose crimes are a result of their mental illness.  Eligible defendants are diverted into judicially supervised, community-based treatment to address the underlying problems.  The program uses a team approach to address the participant’s needs for mental health and/or substance abuse treatment while also linking the participant with ancillary services such as education, housing, job skills or other individualized assistance.  The goal is to assist participants in bettering their lives while also benefiting the community by reducing jail time, recidivism rates, and court docket congestion.

Program Information Contact:

Karen Finney
Mental Health Ct. Coordinator
Ph: 734.794.6761 ext.47542
Fax: 734.794.6762
Email: [email protected]
Referral & Interview Contact:

Patrick Chase
Probation Agent
Ph: 734.794.6761 ext.47577
Fax: 734.794.6762
Email: [email protected]

Domestic Violence Specialty Docket 

Since 1998, the 15th Judicial District Court has had a specialized Domestic Violence docket in an effort to make our community safer by reducing and deterring domestic violence.  Rather than simply process the cases, an effort is made to address the underlying issues including violent and/or coercive behavior.  Frequent, post-conviction review hearings by the judge ensure that offenders are complying with the court’s orders.  The goal of the 15th District Court’s dedicated domestic violence docket is to maximize the safety of victims and their families and enhance offender accountability.

The Domestic Violence Court is funded, in part, by a grant from the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women.
Each case is evaluated individually, but most probationers are ordered to complete a long-term Batterer Intervention Program to deter future violence.  Intensive supervision by a probation officer with specialized expertise in the dynamics of domestic violence enables the Court to hold offenders accountable by promoting compliance with orders of probation and to promptly and effectively respond to any violations of the Court’s orders.
The Court endorses a coordinated community response between the justice system and community stakeholders including SafeHouse Center and agencies that provide supportive services that address any concurrent substance abuse and/or mental health-related issues.
An on-site victim advocate from SafeHouse serves as primary linkage to services for victims of domestic violence.  She offers confidential, free services to survivors, including creating safety plans, help with housing, counseling, and referrals to other services.  The advocate provides victims with information about the criminal proceedings and special conditions contained within their orders of protection.
Program information contact:
David Oblak
Probation Agent
Phone: 734.794.6761, ext. 47538
Fax: 734.794.6762
Email: [email protected]  

Sobriety Court 

The 15th District Sobriety Court, which began in September 2004, is a problem-solving court that helps break the cycle of drug and/or alcohol addiction that has resulted in adult criminal activity.  It is now clear that Sobriety and Drug Courts work.  In addition to providing much needed effective treatment to participants, they provide safer streets, lower crime rates and cost savings to our jails.

The target population of the 15th District Sobriety Court is repeat offender drinking drivers within the city limits of Ann Arbor.  However, as program capacity permits, the program has expanded its target population to include other jurisdictions within Washtenaw County and other offenses that are the result of a person’s drug and/or alcohol addiction. 

This 24 month program is based on intensive probation and community monitoring of the participant; enrollment in drug and/or alcohol treatment closer to the time of the offense; random and frequent drug and alcohol testing; random home visits by probation and/or police; attendance of 12-step program meetings; and other individualized services a participant may need.

The 15th District Sobriety Court uses a team approach to help participants achieve a life free from substances and criminal activity.  The team is comprised of the judge, probation officer, judicial coordinator, bailiff, program coordinator, prosecutor, defense attorney, substance abuse treatment provider, mental health treatment provider, and a police officer liaison.  Sobriety Court is held weekly on Fridays.   The team meets the day before discusses all participants that are scheduled for that week.

Program information contact:

Laura Hill
Sobriety Ct. Coordinator
Phone: 734.794.6764, ext. 47607
Fax: 734.794.6754
Email: [email protected]
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