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​​​Get Involved

While the city is doing its part to be Stormwater Smart, residents and commercial properties also play a critical role in keeping stormwater clean and flowing. 

​The city has multiple avenues to engage with our stormwater programs. 

​​Adopt a Storm Drain

The city depends on storm drains, ditches, and culverts to keep streets from flooding during storms. Yet, these devices also collect trash and direct polluted, untreated rainwater straight into our rivers and streams. 

Help your community by volunteering with the Adopt a Storm Drain program to keep our lakes, rivers and streams free of pollution, and to help keep street flooding at bay. 

​​​Adopt a Rain Garden​

​Rain gardens capture stormwater and provide a space for infiltration and stormwater treatment. They also provide beautiful gardenscapes throughout the growing season. You can become a volunteer steward and adopt a public rain garden, or volunteer temporarily through GIVE 365. Stewards care for the rain gardens by cleaning out sediment and keeping the space looking beautiful with support and guidance from an expert. Contact Catie Wytychak​​ at [email protected] or call (734) 222-6813 for more information or to adopt a rain garden.


​The following organizations offer volunteer opportunities specific to stormwater and the environment​.