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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The latest Stormwater Smart news and updates.


Ann Arbor Heroes Keep the Water Flowing

They're out each day in various sections of the city maintaining or repairing parts of the extensive stormwater system that includes more than 23,000 inlets and 540 miles of underground pipes and creeks that transport stormwater from residential and commercial areas to the Huron River.

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Washtenaw County Community Update

Master Rain Gar​dener class offered for free during Stay Home, Stay Safe order and beyond. Plus, rain garden steward volunteer opportunities.​





AquaHawk, a free tool for city water customers to track water use and get leak alerts, is now available! Watch this video to learn more!​





Zoom Backgrounds

Looking for some fun backgrounds to brighten up your Zoom meetings? Bring Ann Arbor Stormwater Smart along with you by downloading our themed backgrounds below. From iconic Ann Arbor landmarks to beautiful rain gardens and scenery, these Zoom backgrounds are sure to brighten up your day!​

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Coloring Pages

Take full advantage of rainwater while protecting local rivers by planting a rain garden or installing a rain barrel this spring! You and your family can learn more about rain gardens and rain barrels with our fun and informative coloring pages.​

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Storm Drain Scavenger Hunt

Spring is in full ​​swing and many people are enjoying spending time outdoors! While outside, consider going on a storm drain scavenger hunt to have fun with the kids while helping protect local rivers and streams.​​

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