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​​What it means to be Stormwater ​Smart

In Ann Arbor, we know that the Huron River is vital to our community because it’s our primary source of drinking water – but it’s also a priceless natural resource that’s vital for recreation and the environment itself.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to establish a state-of-the-art storm drain​ system designed to protect the Huron River. Our management of the drain system embraces the newest thinking and takes advantage of the latest technology to control, retain and reduce the flow of stormwater in our city.

We call it being Stormwater Smart.

Ann Arbor Water


Prior to 2022, three separate water departments — with three different specialties — worked independently to ​provide quality water services and ensure the public health ​of the Greater Ann Arbor community. Today, these three units are working together as one — Ann Arbor Water​​ — committed to excellence, scientifically based data and innovative solutions.


The Importance of Stormwater

We all have a responsibility to keep contaminants from reaching the Huron River watershed – all our surface and groundwater eventually goes into the river. Whenever there’s a heavy rainfall, or even just a little rain, a lot of pollution can end up being washed off the streets and into the Huron River. You can help prevent that simply by reducing the amount of rainwater that flows off your property from sidewalks, driveways, roofs, etc.

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Ways for you to make a big difference by being Stormwater Smart.

If you don’t have fun doing important work, the important work may not get done. So, we work hard at coming up with fun ways (seriously) for you and your family to be Stormwater Smart. Each person has the potential to not only change their own behavior but also to influence other community members.

Here are options to consider:










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Managing Ann Arbor’s Stormwater


The City of Ann Arbor works to manage stormwater in conjunction with the land use change in order to protect water quality and reduce impact of stormwater on local water resources. We plan, design, and construct and maintain a stormwater manage​ment system, sediment/flood control programs and projects, and provide stormwater education.

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Stormwater credits can save you money while you help the environment!

Ann Arbor residents can earn money-saving stormwater credits by, using rain barrels, building rain gardens and more.

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