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Suzann Flowers,
Transportation Planner

Ann Arbor is a bicycle friendly community.

  • The City of Ann Arbo​r Bicycle Map (PDF) 

  • Ann Arbor​ Parks and Recreation Bike Recreation page. ​

  • 90.2 lane-miles of on street bik​e lanes, 35.3 miles of shared-use paths, 8.7 lane-miles of marked shared lanes (sharrows), 1.8 protected bike lane-miles and ​11.4 of buffered bike lane-miles.

  • 1,000 bike parking spaces downtown including seasonal on-street bike racks and bike lockers

  • Named by the ​League of American Bicyclists Gold-level (2021) and ​a Silver-level Bicycle Friendly City in 2009, 2013, and 2017​​.

  • R​ecognized since 2008 as a Gold-Status community in the Promoting Active Communities Assessment, a state initiative to promote active living in Michigan communities.  A Gold award means that Ann Arbor “can document outstanding achievements in making it easy for people to be active​.”  ​​

Biking safely

  • Yield to pedestrians. 
    If you ride on the sidewalk:
    • ​​​ride slowly
    • announce your presence to pedestrians 
    • walk your bike on crowded sidewalks 
    • yield to pedestrians
    • ​stop or dismount before entering crosswalks
    • ​​watch for drivers who may not be watching for you!

  • Ride with traffic. If the lane is overly narrow or in an unsafe condition, or if you feel uncomfortable with the passable​, consider cycling nearer to the center of the lane.

  • Give yourself space from parked cars to avoid risking a crash if a car door opens in front of you.

  • Always wear a helmet. 

  • Be visible. The city requires all cyclists use he​adlights and rear reflectors after sunset.

  • Know and follow the rules of the road. Don't swerve in traffic or between parked cars, obey all traffic signals, and ride in the direction of traffic.

  • Ann Arbor safe passing ordinance requires the driver of motor vehicles to provide at least 5-foot separation when passing a bicyclist. 

  • ​It may be a bike lane, but bikes aren't the only transportation options allowed in them. Motorized scooters & wheelchairs (motorized or not) are allowed, just like bikes are allowed on sidewalks.​

E-bikes and scooters

The City of Ann Arbor has authorized Spin to operate electric scooters and e-bikes within the city​

  • Spin e-scooters and e-bikes can be found and used through the Spin App.
  • Users must be 18 years of age, wear a helmet, and obey local traffic laws
  • Rates: $1 to unlock each ride and $0.30 per minute.
  • Spin Access program offers discounted rates for users with limited incomes or disability.
  • Keep sidewalks clear when parking and follow safety instructions

To request relocation within 24 hours of an improperly parked Spin vehicle

  1. Make note of the address or ID number of the Spin vehicle

  2. Call 888.249.9698 or email [email protected]

​Parking and stora​ge ​

There are several different types of bicycle parking, from protected storage lockers to simple bicycle racks​. This page​ shows locations of bike parking spaces in downtown Ann Arbor. ​Visit the DDA's transportation page​ for more information. ​​

If you are interested​ in having bicycle parking installed in the downtown area, you can contact the Ann Arbor DDA by email at [email protected].  

​Bike Parking Pilot Program

​The City of Ann Arbor and the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) are working on a pilot program to add more bicycle parking within the public right-of-way around Ann Arbor as framed in the city’s Vision Zero transportation plan. The pilot will include new materials and maintenance partnerships to support year-round use. Businesses, non-profits, property owners or other organizations across the city can request the placement of a bike rack near their location at no expense during this pilot.

To submit a request, visit STREAM, select Apply and then select Business Bike Parking Permit Program. *Applicants will first need to register in Stream before filling out the application.