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​​​​​As part of Ann Arbor's Moving Together Toward Vision Zero Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the city has developed Quick Build projects. 

Cities around the country are using quick-builds to create safer streets much faster than typical processes allow. With quick-builds​, cities can introduce new street designs and gather feedback, evaluate the impact of different tools, and work with the community to refine a project’s final design. ​

The quick build presentation (PDF) highlights each quick-build project's primary safety concerns, key objectives and strategies that the projects will address.

Bump outs                                                 Hardened centerlines                        Combined turn/bike lane


  Left turn box for bikes                            Green Pavement Markings ​


​  ​
 ​Quick Buil​​d Project Locations

The images below provide a snapshot of what types of treatments are being applied. 

Packard (Main to State)                        State at South University                  Washington (Ashley to Fletcher)


Ann Street (Main to Fifth)                    Liberty at Stadium                              Glen at Fuller


North Maple (Miller to Dexter)

Project contact

Suzann Flowers, Tr​ansportation Planner

[email protected]