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​​South Main Street Water Main Replacement and Resurfacing Project – Huron Street to East William Street​​

Why is this project being done?

The existing 8-inch diameter ​water m​ain along South Main Street between Huron and East William Street is approximately 100-years old and is reaching the end of its life.  We are seeing issues with broken water valves along with other problems and need to replace the main before conditions get worse.

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What will be done?

Water main

The water main will be increased from 8 to 12-inches in diameter and all valves, fire hydrants, and appurtenances will be replaced and upgraded to meet current standards, which will support future fire protection and water service needs. Additionally, since copper pipes are more reliable than galvanized steel pipes, we will be transferring and upgrading any remaining galvanized pipes to copper. In limited cases where there are galvanized steel pipes leading to the water meter inside the building it will be necessary for the city's​ Contractor and Public Works staff to enter the building(s) to replace the galvanized piping leading to the water meter. This will eliminate any potential issues with lead and follows recent State of Michigan safety regulations.

If your property is thought to need pipe replacements, a member of the city's engineering staff will contact you to confirm and work with you on how to proceed.  Removing existing galvanized steel water services and upgrading them to copper will be performed at no cost to the property owner.

In summary, the water main work will involve:

  • Replacing and upgrading the existing water distribution main in S. Main Street;
  • Replacing and upgrading the existing fire hydrants, gate valves, and all other water main appurtenances;
  • Renewing and replacing water services as needed.

Road resurfacing

Given the significant disruption to the existing roadway surface that is needed to replace the water main, we will also replace the underlying, existing, concrete pavement under the existing asphalt surface of S. Main Street (and the affected portions of the side streets.)  S. Main Street will then receive an entirely new asphalt surface and pavement markings.   

In summary, the road work will involve:

  • Replacing existing concrete pavement under the roadway surface that is disturbed as part of the project's work; and,
  • Resurfacing the roadway with a new asphalt surface and replace all pavement markings within the project limits.

How might the project affect you?

  • Pedestrian access to all businesses will be maintained within the project limits for the duration of the planned work;
  • Given that the proposed work will be extensive and time-consuming, the work will unavoidably disrupt normal traffic and business operations along S. Main Street and the side streets immediately adjacent to the work site;
  • Vehicular traffic in the vicinity of the project will be impacted as a result of the planned work;
  • The proposed construction will have to be carefully studied in order to analyze impacts to Special Events that are normally held along S. Main Street within the vicinity of the project.  It is not known at this time what the impacts to Special Events along S. Main Street will be; and,
  • Dust, noise, and inconvenience will be prevalent due to the nature of the planned construction.

​How is this being funded?

The project will be funded through the Water Revenue and the Street, Bridge, and Sidewalk Funds. 

Materials and documents​​

Oct. 27, 2021 public meeting

June 23, 2021 public meeting

March 9, 2021 public meeting

Project Manager

Chris Wall, PE,

Project Manager​

[email protected]