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A2 City ​N​ew​s​, March 2023​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ (PDF), Volume 17, Number 3 (ori​ginally distributed March 1, 2023, via email to "re​​sident new​sletter: A2 City News" subscribers​​)​​ ​​​​

Tree branch storm debris collection begins March 6

Due to significant tree damage and felled branches from the recent ice storm, the City of Ann Arbor will conduct limited branch collection service beginning on Monday, March 6, 2023. This collection will be in conjunction with the city winter composting program. There is no set route for this service, therefore residents should plan to have all large and bundled branches out no later than 7 a.m. on Monday, March 6. Once branches are collected from an address, crews will not return for additional material.

For this special service, please follow these collection rules.

Large branches (at least 3 inches in diameter, roughly wider than a soup can, and at least 4-feet in length):

  • Place facing the same direction on extensions or side of street.
  • Branches must be free of any spikes, metal or nails.

Smaller branches and twigs (less than 3 inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length):

  • Can be placed in compost carts with lid closed.
    Bundled with natural twine in bundles up to 18 inches in diameter and left at the curb.
  • Logs, trunks or roots with stumps (rootballs) will not be collected.

Residents are also advised that leaving branches or carts in the street or in bike lanes is a safety hazard and not allowed.

Regular curbside compost collection will begin, as scheduled, on Monday, April 3, 2023. For more information on Ann Arbor's compost program, please visit

AAFD expands with new ambu​​​lance and basic life support transport service

The Ann Arbor Fire Department has added an ambulance to its fleet and is licensed as a basic life support transport agency, able to respond to medical incidents and transport patients. Learn more at

Two-year budget plann​​ing process begins

The city's two-year budget planning process will begin for years 2024/2025. Recorded budget presentations will be available for the pubic to watch online by the following dates via the CTN YouTube channel at All presentations and materials will be available on the budget website at Fiscal year 2024 begins July 1, 2023, and ends June 30, 2024. City Council members can only adopt one fiscal year at a time, even though the city plans for multi-year budgets.

March 6, 2023: City Administrator Area, Finance, Police, Fire, Courts, Community Services.

March 13, 2023: Ann Arbor Housing Commission.

March 20, 2023: Public Services, City Attorney's Office, DDA.

Budget tim​eline:

April: In accordance with City Charter, the city administrator's recommended fiscal year 2024 budget is submitted to City Council on April 17, 2023. City Council members can only adopt one fiscal year at a time even though the city plans for multi-year budgets.
May: City Council, with at least seven affirmative votes, must adopt the budget no later than its second meeting in May (May 15).

Get a bird's-eye view​​​ of your water usage

AquaHawk is a free service that allows City of Ann Arbor water customers to efficiently manage their water usage and possibly lower their bills. Customers interested in AquaHawk must register to create a new account and to opt in to receive notifications — including alerts of potential water leak detections and when water consumption levels are nearing the limits of their choosing. Visit to get started!

Ann Arbor Water Just Beneath​​​ Your Feet video launches

Water is all around us, every day, involved with almost everything we do. Twenty-four hours a day, Ann Arbor's water infrastructure, largely unseen, gives our lives life. Just below the surface, under roads, sidewalks, bike lanes, even the parks we play in, lies a vast network of pipes, valves and channels made of steel, concrete, metal and even dirt, that carry water to and from where we live, work and play. Check out Ann Arbor Water's newest video that showcases the world of Ann Arbor Water — lying just beneath your feet:

Registration opens A​pril 5 for summer classes, events in the Ann Arbor parks

Save the date, Monday, April 5, 8 a.m., to register for spring/summer classes and programs hosted in the Ann Arbor parks. This includes summer day camps, golf and swim lessons; canoe livery classes; special event programming; volunteer outreach opportunities with GIVE 365 and Natural Area Preservation and classes at the Ann Arbor Senior Center. Please log in to your account ( before April 5 to confirm account members, birth dates and contact information. Contact Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation Customer Service for assistance updating your account, 734.794.6230.

Find your place in the sun w​​ith a city parks job

Is your dream job to teach people to swim? Are you an athlete wanting to be active and/or outdoors working at the canoe liveries, pools and golf courses? You're in luck: Opportunities to work in the parks are plenty! Check out the variety of jobs available including golf rangers and grounds keepers, recreation supervisors, lifeguards, cashiers, day camp counselors, swim instructors, canoe livery attendants and more.

Working in the parks can also help a student or young adult build their resumes with leadership and public speaking skills, money handling in some instances, responsibilities in roles such as day camp counselors and swim instructors and strengthened social skills and self-confidence.

There's never been a better time to join the Ann Arbor Parks & Recreation team! To view the job postings and apply online, visit (pro tip: search "parks").

Seasonal siren t​​esting resumes

The first test of the city's warning siren system for 2023 will take place Tuesday, March 14. The City of Ann Arbor has 22 siren locations throughout city limits. Testing of these sirens takes place on the second Tuesday of the month, March through October, at 1 p.m. The tests consist of one minute of steady wailing.

For more information, visit the siren testing page of the city website, 

Boards and commissions vaca​​ncies

Do you want to make a difference in your city? Ann Arbor's dozens of boards and commissions are responsible for making recommendations to City Council on city policies and initiatives. Now is your chance to get involved. Many Ann Arbor boards and commissions are accepting applications; find the one that interests you most — and apply online today —at! Appointments are made by the mayor in the spring.

Attend a sustainability f​​orum

The Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations A2ZERO Sustainability Series continues, with timely topics and expert, engaging panels! Monthly online forums each focus on a specific topic and how you can get involved. Save the dates, and join OSI and special guests by registering (for any or all forums) at

Upcomin​g forums:

  • March 29: Recharged Home Electrification: New Funding and Opportunities for Electrifying Your Space.
  • April 26: Renewed Renewables: The Bright Future of Renewable Energy in Ann Arbor.
  • May 31: Where do WE go from here?

Spotlight on ​​CTN

Around Ann Arbor — American Cornhole Tournament:

Park Peek — Wheeler:

CTN Sports 2023 — Lincoln @ Skyline Girls Basketball:

CTN SPORTS 2023 - Skyline @ Huron Boys Basketball, Feb. 21:

CTN Tour — Cub Scouts Pack 477:

Soapbox — Justice in the City:

Provide a safe passag​e for birds

From the middle of March through the end of May, and again mid-August through the end of October, migrating birds fly over Ann Arbor during spring and fall migrations. On clear nights, birds navigate by the stars; but at dawn or on cloudy and foggy nights, they attempt to navigate using the lights of tall buildings, putting them at risk of hitting these lit windows. They either crash going full speed, or they endlessly circle the building until they drop to the ground, exhausted and vulnerable to predators and other dangers.​​

Ann Arbor joins other cities in helping migrating birds have a safe passage. Occupants of buildings on floors five and above are asked to help prevent these needless deaths by pulling the drapes or closing the shades on windows in lit rooms between 11 p.m. and dawn. Learn more at​

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Special ​​​Accommodati​​​​ons

If you know a city resident who requires this newsletter in an alternative format, please email the city communications office or call 734.794.6110, extension 41105.

All persons are encouraged to participate in public meetings. Accommodations, including sign language interpreters, may be arranged by contacting the City Clerk's office at 734.794.6140; via email to: [email protected]; or by written request addressed and mailed or delivered to: City Clerk's Office  |  301 E. Huron St.  |  Ann Arbor, MI 48104 

Requests made with less than two business days notice may not be able to be accommodated.

City ​​​Missi​​on ​​

The city's ​mi​​ssion is to deliver exceptional services that sustain and enhance a vibrant, safe and diverse community.​​ 

​Ann Arbor has 119,000 residents, spans 28.82 square miles and is frequently recognized as a foremost place to live, learn, work, thrive and visit. To keep up with City of Ann Arbor information, subscribe for email updates, follow us on Twitter or become a city fan on Facebook

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