Early Voting

​​​Early voting is the opportunity for a voter to cast and count a ballot before election day. Early voting allows the voter to insert their completed ballot into a vote tabulator.​​ 

Note: this contrasts with voting early via an absentee ballot because absentee ballots are securely stored leading up to election day and then they are opened and counted on election day.

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​​​ Second floor, 301 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

8 a.m.-12 p.m., 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
(excluding holidays)

Jacqueline Beaudry,
City Clerk

Fax: 734.994.8296

Where will early voting take place?

At “early voting sites." An early voting site will operate similarly to an election day polling location but will be set up to serve large numbers of voters, rather than a single precinct. 

Where is my early voting site?

If you are registered in the City of Ann Arbor, you can early vote at:


Plans are also being finalized to establish the following AADL branches as EV sites:


If you are registered in Washtenaw County, but not in the City of Ann Arbor, please go to the Washtenaw County Elections Office for information.​

If you are not registered in either the City of Ann Arbor or elsewhere in Washtenaw County, please contact your local official for early voting information.


When will early voting take place?

Michigan's Constitution requires cities and townships to offer early voting in each statewide and federal election for at least 9 consecutive days, beginning on the second Saturday before the election and ending on the Sunday before the election. Early voting sites must be open for at least 8 hours each of those 9 days starting with the 2024 Presidential Primary Election. Voters will be notified by mail in early 2024 regarding exact locations, dates and times for early voting.

Want to vote in-person even earlier? Check information on absentee ba​llots​ for guidance. ​

Want more information on Early Voting?

Please visit the Michigan Secretary of State's Early Voting web page​ for more information.