In-Person Voting

​​​​​​​Information about voting in person - either early or on Election Day!​​​

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8 a.m.-12 p.m., 1 p.m.-5 p.m.
(excluding holidays)

Jacqueline Beaudry,
City Clerk

Fax: 734.994.8296

In-Person V​oting Information

I plan to vote in person:

  • On Election Day! - Election Day Information

  • Before​ Election Day! - Early Voting Information​

Voters can cast their vote in person on Election Day at their assigned polling location OR 9 days leading up to Election Day at any City early voting site.​

Precinct Polling Places August 6​, 2024 (PDF)

​​Ward Bounda​ries Map​ 

Precinct and Polling Place Maps

Election Day​ Line Tracker

Accessible Voting​

Voters with disabilities can vote privately and independently using the Touch Writer, Voter Assist Terminal. The Touch Writer is a ballot-marking device that voters can use to assist with marking a traditional paper ballot. Voters can use the machine to mark their ballot through the use of large font touch screen, Braille keypad and audio headset, or with the aid of their own personal sip/puff device or foot pedal that can be plugged into a port on the front of the terminal. The Touch Writer touch screen features magnification and contrast features and the audio ballot can be adjusted for speed and volume. The Touch Writer is available for all voters to use in every city polling place and early voting center. 

A sip/puff device with disposable straws and a foot/hand pedal is available for use at city polling places on Election Day for voters in need and/or if a voter's own personal equipment does not work with Touch Writer. The equipment is currently available at the Scarlett Middle School polling place. For arrangements at other polling places, please contact the City Clerk's Office at 734.794.6140 to avoid Election Day delays. 

Any voter may also vote absentee​ for any election. To request a ballot be mailed automatically to you for all future city elections, please call the City Clerk at 734.794.6140 or send an email to [email protected].

For more information about available Election Day resources for persons with disabilities, including the AAATA's A-Ride program, please visit the city's disability resources page.