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​​​​​Ann Arbor Commission on D​isability Issues

PO Box 8647

Ann Arbor, MI 48107

Staff Liaison: Denise Jeanes

email: [email protected]​ov.org​  

phone: 734.794.6291, extension 42901​

Commission Chair Zach Damon, email: [email protected]

  • Unless otherwise noted on the city meetings and events calendar​, This meeting will be broadcast live on CTN Cable Channel 16, ATT Channel 99.  O​nline at a2gov.org/watchCTN  To speak at public comment call Toll Free: 877 853 5247 or 888 788 0099  
    Enter Meeting ID: 919 8673 1455
    Watch the live me​eting​ online or view public meetings at your convenience online via CTN's video on demand.

Our vision is: An Ann Arbor whose facilities, programs, businesses and organizations are accessible to persons of all abilities, and where inclusion and full-and-equitable participation in community life are available to everyone. 

The City of Ann Arbor values all of its citizens, regardless of ability. Our mission statement reads, in part: "The City of Ann Arbor is committed to providing excellent municipal services that enhance the quality of life for all."  

The Ann Arbor Commission on Disability Issues has evolved from a commission created and convened by Mayor Robert Harris and City Council in 1969, and maintained through the years under various names. The city collaborated with and drew from its Disability Commission to create this resource page.​

​Current Events

​Visions 2022  Ann Arbor District Library 

Wednesday,  June 8, 2022

Visions 2022IMG_1430.jpg

Visions 2022IMG-4465.jpg

Visions 2022IMG_1434.jpg

Visions 2022IMG-4459.jpg

Disability Commission Application 

If you are interested in serving on the Commission for Disability Issues, please submit an online application

The Commission on Disability Issues meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Larcom City Hall building, Council Chambers Second Floor, 301 E. Huron St. See the city's meeting calendar for more information.

This page is a work in progress, and your questions and feedback are welcomed! Please email the city communications office at [email protected] or call 734.794.6110, ext. 41511. Questions about the commission, specifically, may be directed to:

Staff Liaison: Denise Jeanes

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 734.794.6291, extension 42901

Downtown Development Authority Street​​ Parking Map: 

Visit https://www.a2dda.org/getting-around/drive/​​. ​The parking map will appear, and then select “on-street accessible parking,” and the icons will appear on the map where accessible parking is located. ​​

In the News

Episode Ideas Wanted f​​​​or CTN's Ann Arbo​r Inclusive

CTN's original program, Ann Arbor Inclusive, is seeking guests and topic ideas for upcoming episodes. Produced in conjunction with the City of Ann Arbor Commission on Disability Issues, Ann Arbor Inclusive explores topics of interest to community members with abilities of every level, focusing on awareness and education. Check out past episodes to learn more about this series ​.

If you have an idea for a topic or guest to be featured on Ann Arbor Inclusive, please contact one of the show’s producers, Linda Evans, or contact CTN.

Resources by Functional Impairment Category

The below functional impairment categories are derived from definitions included in the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, from the World Health Organization.

City Services/Accommodations

Additional Resource

Fully Accessible Guide for Flying with Disabilities​


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