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​​​​​​How to Register (or Update) a Rental Property:

The first step is to submit a completed 01 RH Property Registration Form 2020.pdf ​​​​​​ via email, post mail, fax, or in person (contact information available on the right side of this page or ​on the top of the form).

IMPORTANT: ​​​​Only fully completed forms will be accepted; all fields must be completed, even if the information remains unchanged. A date of birth is required for each person signing the document. 

The homeowner may represent the property as their own agent.​However if they do not live or have an office within 25 miles of the City of Ann Arbor, they must choose a local “agent” (an agent can be a friend, relative, or a hired property management service; the agent does not have to be a licensed real estate agent)Once we receive the form, the next step is to schedule an inspection. Inspections typically are scheduled in one-hour blocks, but if your property has never been a rental before, the first inspection will require a two-hour blockWe are currently scheduling inspections a couple months out, so please plan accordingly. 

There is a $25.00 cycle fee for all properties with more than 2 units and all group quarters (fraternity/sorority or rooming house).​

Pursuant to Section 8:516(4) of the Ann Arbor Municipal Code: "No person shall lease or otherwise make a dwelling or rooming unit available for occupancy if a Certificate of Compliance is not in effect for the unit".  Failure to secure the appropriate Certificate of Compliance may result in enforcement against the property. This includes any type of advertisement, listing, or occupying the property as a rental

When to Update Owner/Agent Information:

You must complete and submit the Property Update & Registration Form to our office within 30 days of any contact information changes regarding rental properties.  These changes may include: ownership, phone number, email, address, agent information,  etc.  Supplying our office with the correct ​information will enable us to contact you regarding your property regarding inspection notices, inspection reports, fees and other important information, or if there are emergencies with the property such as flood or fire.  All of the information on the registration form is kept confidential and restricted to office use only.  We will never sell or share your personal information to anyone.

AGENT REQUIREMENTS:  The homeowner may represent themselves as their own agent. However, if the owner does not live or have an office within 25 miles of the City of Ann Arbor, a local agen​t must be appointed.  An "agent" can be a friend, family member, or hired management company as long as they are within 25 miles of the City of Ann Arbor and are willing to be the point of contact.​​​


​​​Scheduling Inspections:

IT IS THE HOMEOWNER/AGENT RESPONSIBILTY TO SCHEDULE ALL INSPECTIONS. ​Please practice careful diligence to ensure inspections are scheduled when they are due for your property. ​Unlike building and trades inspections, rental housing inspections cannot be scheduled through eTRAKiT and instead must scheduled through a Rental Housing Administrative Specialist. To schedule an inspection, please use the contact information in the contact panel on the right of this page or at the top of any Rental Housing document. 

When to schedule:

  • An initial re-certification inspection must be scheduled BEFORE the current certificate expires. Please make note of the expiration date on your C of C.
  • A re-inspection (to follow up on violations) must be scheduled within THREE WEEKS of the previous inspection. 
  • If either deadline approaches and an inspection is not scheduled, an inspection date and time will be chosen for you by our staff. Please note that we only allow one free re-schedule/cancellation per inspection cycle. The best way to avoid multiple cancellations is to make sure you are scheduling the inspections. 
​​Inspection Process​:

1.  Once a Property Update & Registration form is received and processed by our office (generally within 4​8 hours), we will contact the designated party to schedule an inspection.​

    a.  ​According to code 8:516(4), a dwelling or room may not be rented or made available for rent without an active C of C.
    b.  See the pre-inspection checklist ​​for the items to be in​spected.
    c.  An invoice will be generated and sent separately to the designated party.  See the 03 RH Fee Schedule 2022.pdf for information on how fees are calculated.

3. Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector will provide the representative a list of violations found (as applicable). If there are no violations found at the first inspection, the expiration date on the Certificate of Compliance will be extended by one year for that cycle only. 

4.  The homeowner/agent must contact our office within three weeks of the initial inspection to schedule a re-inspection date.  After three weeks, a date and time will be chosen for you.  

5.  If the violations are not corrected by the first re-inspection date, you will need another re-inspection.  

    a.  The property is subject to a posting of non-compliance after two re-inspections if the violations have still not been remedied

6.  Once all of the violations have been corrected, we will issue a Certificate of Compliance (usually within 30 days).


Updated: 3/24/22

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For scheduling needs and general information, please contact an
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NOTE: The Rental inspectors are available by phone from 8:00 - 8:30 am for questions and otherwise by appointment only.