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Phone: 734.794.6264 (Rental Dept.)​
Fax: 734.994.8460​​
301 E. Huron Street​​ AA 48104
Larcom City Hall
First Floor

Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
For scheduling needs and general information, please contact an Administrative Specialist.

Rental Services Coordinator/Admin:
Brandi Lewis​​
[email protected]
Cell: 734.395.4357
Office Voicemail:​  
734.794.6000 x42504    ​

Code Compliance Official:  
Chris MacFarland
[email protected]​ 
734.794.6000 x42657

Building and Rental Services Manager:
Lisha Turner-Tolbert
l​[email protected]​ 
734.794.6000 x42669

Deputy Building Official:
Mike Lemieux
734.794.6000 x42674

Building Official:
Glen Dempsey
734.794.6000 x42660​

​​​The City of Ann Arbor has adopted an ordinance requiring carbon monoxide detection in all rental properties. You can review the requirements here: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detection.pdf

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the City of Ann Arbor Rental​ Housing Services Web page! Our office inspects all residential rental units in accordance with the ​Housing Code: Chapter 105. Please use the navigation to the left for more information. 

Pursuant to Section 8:516(4) of the Ann Arbor Municipal Code: ​"No person shall lease or otherwise make a dwelling or rooming unit available for occupancy​ if a Certificate of Compliance is not in effect for the unit". Failure to secure the appropriate Certificate of Compliance (CofC) may result in enforcement against the property. This includes any type of advertisement, listing, or occupying the property as a rental.

Documents, Quick links, & Reference Materials​

Register Your Rental Properties​

The City of Ann Arbor has a new software program called, STREAM. STREAM allows you register and apply for a Certified Rental License for your rental properties. Please go to https://stream.a2gov.org/ to start the process. For detailed steps on how to register and apply, see Stream Steps 2023 

The function of Rental Housing Services

1. To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the City of Ann Arbor

2. To protect a diverse housing stock from deterioration

3. To accomplish all the above at the lowest possible housing cost to owners and renters while ​​maintaining code compliance.

Rental Housing Services is a bridge between owners and tenants. Our office conducts inspections on all rental units within the City of Ann Arbor every 30 months. A Certificate of Compliance is issued to each property that passes inspection.  

Hard copies of Certificates of Compliance and Inspection Reports are available on eTRAKiT(before 7/1/22) or STREAM (after 7/1/22). Some properties may have concluded the inspection cycle in eTRAKiT after 7/1/22, and remain in that system. Instructions for accessing eTRAKiT are found on the left side of this page. It is important that Property Registrations are updated with current and accurate email addresses.  

Rental Housing Inspectors​​

Rental Housing inspectors may be reached by phone or email, Monday - ​Friday.  However, they are conducting inspections 95% of the time. Please refrain from contacting them by both phone and email. ​​

​​​Stacy Fountain: 734-496-0039 (cell) [email protected]

Derrick Hutton-Kinsey: 734-474-8894 (cell) 

[email protected]

Steven Woelke: 734-649-8150 (cell)​​ 

[email protected]

Kevin O'Connor: 734-412-5751 (cell) [email protected]

Karac Brown: 734-649-6159 (cell) 

[email protected]

Gregg Scrimger: 734-623-0123 (cell) [email protected]​​​​