Environmental and Developmental Coordination

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​​​​ 301 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
(excluding holidays)

Mike Lemieux,
Interim​ Building Official

734.794.6000 x42674

Annie Hwang,
Plan Review Official

734.794.6000 x42604

Chris MacFarland,
Code Compliance Official

734.794.6000 x42657

Lisha Turner-Tolbert,
Building and Rental Services Manager

734.794.6000 x​42669

Construction Administrative Specialist


For a dial by name directory call ​734.794.6000 then select Option 9

​Code Enforcement

All grading and soil erosion complaints are required to be submitted by phone (734.794.6000 x43735), email ([email protected]), or in person (301 E Huron St). You will be required to submit your name, phone number and address and a detailed description of the alleged violation(s). Your name and contact information are confidential during the process and after completion. The inspector will go to the site and determine if there is a violation and, if so, what items need to be remedied. 

Plan Review

Site plan and grading applications submitted to Planning & Development are reviewed for compliance with environmental ordinances prior to issuance of building permits and Certificates of Occupancy.  Site plan compliance inspections are performed prior to issuance of Certificates of Occupancy.

Systems Planning Unit staff provides support to Planning & Development staff in the Construction Services in reviewing petitions involving the natural features and environmental impacts:

Environmental Codes

See the City Clerk's Office for City Code for documentation in new window.  The chapters listed below are particularly important to the development review process.  

Chapter 26:   Solid Waste Management
Chapter 55:   Unified Development Code (UDC)​ 

Invasive Species List - Revised May 2004 (pdf)

Public Services Standards/Engineering Requirements

Some projects require review, approval, and or permitting by the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner, depending on specific circumstances. 

Rules of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner: Procedures and Design Criteria for Storm Water Management Systems   

For more information on Environmental Codes, contact Jen Lawson at ​ [email protected].​