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​​​Main phone line at 734-794-6720, and then dial the extension. For
Emergency Maintenance requests during non-business hours, dial 734-794-6720 extension 2.

Administration —

Executiv​e Direct​or: 

Jennifer Hall, [email protected], ext. 47201​ 

Director of Operations: 

Weneshia Brand, [email protected], ext. 47203​

Director of Operations Affordable H​ousing:

Beth Yaroch, [email protected], ext. 47206

​Construction Project Manger:

Tulio Decan, [email protected], ext. 47256

Finance Director: 

Ulrike Raak, [email protected], ext. 47204

Financial Analyst: 

Teresa Calvert, [email protected], ext. 47205​​​​

Steve Dersnah, [email protected] ext. 47248

Accounting​ ​Specialists: 

Aidan Tank, [email protected], ext. 47258

Kim Kachur, [email protected], ext. 47245​  

Administrative Assistants:

Barbara Dufour, [email protected] ext. 47222​

Hillary Vandenberg, [email protected] ext. 47226​

Amya Gray,  [email protected] ext. 47231

Compliance & Property Specialists —

Brookanne Maitland, [email protected], ext. 47397​

LaTonya Brown, [email protected], ext. 47224 

Makia Slaughter, [email protected], ext. 47219

Maria Spencer, [email protected], ext. 47214

Marilyn Watson-White, [email protected], ext. 47221​

Family Self-Sufficiency Program —​

FSS/Supportive Services Coordin​​ators: 

Bonnie Miller, [email protected], ext. 47218

Wade Smith, [email protected], ext. 47209​

HCV and Affordable Housing Waiting List —

Occupancy​/Waitlist Specialist: 

Angela Killom,  [email protected], ext. 47215

Voucher Program Manager—

Misty Hendershot, [email protected], ext. 47212

V​oucher Occupa​ncy Specialists —

Curtis Morris, [email protected], ext. 47216

Katrisha Kelly, [email protected], ext. 47311

Lisa Lavan, [email protected], ext. 47207

Patricia Butler, [email protected], ext. 47211

Robin Hester, [email protected], ext. 47213

Sharice Miller, [email protected], ext. 47228

Zhe-Ahnte Johnson, [email protected], ext. 47208          

Facility​​ ​Manager —

Tim Olivier, [email protected], ext. 47229​

​Maintenance Techn​ici​​a​ns —

Eric Sexton

Gregg Walker

Kristina Hudson

TJ Irvine

Tom Leach

Ann Arbor Housing Commission

727 Miller Ave.

Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Monday-Friday Hours:

 9am - 5pm

  Closed for Lunch 12pm-1pm

Email:  [email protected]

Phone: 734-794-6720

Fax: 734-994-0781


Finance and Administrative Office

2000  South Industrial Hwy.

Ann Arbor, MI  48104

Monday-Friday Hours: 

8am - 4pm

Email: [email protected]

Phone​: 734-794-6720 x47205

Fax: 734-996-3018