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Case Search

The online case search allows 15th Judicial District Court public case records to be searched by name. It also allows users to view Registers of Actions for cases.   

Daily Calendars

Daily calendars allows users to search and view online listings of scheduled court events by date.  

Marriage Ceremonies

Information on marriage ceremonies performed by the Magistrate  

Online Ability to Pay Assessment

If you have financial assessments due and owing to the court, and you are having trouble paying, you can submit an online request to the court asking for a financial review, also known as an ability to pay assessment.  This service is offered through the Matterhorn platform.  Please note that you will be required to answer questions about your financial situation.     

Online Payment

Civil infraction, ordinance violation tickets, and misdemeanors meeting certain criteria may be paid online.

Online Plea

Online plea is a way to have the court review your request to plead guilty without appearing in-person at the court.  The court will use the same considerations as they would for those who appear in-person.  The offer the court extends to you through the Matterhorn platform will be the same offer you would receive in-person at the court.  It simply takes place online.

Online Requests

Defendants may make online submissions for the following by completing the appropriate document on the Forms page.

  • Civil Infraction Admission of Responsibility with Explanation
  • Informal Hearing Adjournment Request
  • Copy Request

Online Warrant Resolution

If you have an outstanding bench warrant for a case in which you were sentenced but failed to appear or pay fines/costs/fees, you may submit a request to the court to review your case.  If eligible, the court will send you information on what to do in order for the warrrant to be canceled.  Eligible individuals can clear a warrant without appearing at the court.  This service is offered through the Matterhorn platform.

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