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​​​AquaHawk is now available!



​​​Meet AquaHawk, a free online tool which will help City of Ann Arbor ​water customers to:

  • ​View and track water consumption​  
  • Get water alerts via email, text or phone

You may now register for the new online consumption tool. Users with multiple accounts with the same customer number only need to add one account per customer number and the remaining accounts with that customer number will be linked within 24 hours.​​​

Water usage

If you see a spike in water you may want to look for a leak. 

Not sure where to start? Look at your water meter to see if the flow indicator is moving even if all the taps are closed. If the meter keeps moving, this indicates water is running somewhere. Look/listen for:

  • faucet drips
  • running water sounds 
  • pools of water near the refrigerators, toilets, hot water heater, humidifiers, outside faucets and sprinklers

If you notice seasonal water use during specific periods, consider what activities may occur at these times. Higher water use typically happens with filling pools, washing cars and or humidifiers. House guests, holiday visitors and other types of special events may boost your water usage as well.​  If you have trouble paying an unusually high water bill, please call us at 734.794.6320 for options.

​Using water efficiently

Simple behaviors can save water every day: 

  • turning off the tap while brushing teeth
  • taking shorter showers
  • run dishwashers and laundry machines only when full
  • water your lawn only when necessary and avoid watering mid-day
  • using drip irrigation for plants and gardens


Consider replacing your older toilet with a low-flow model. Low-flow shower heads and faucet aerators quickly reimburse you for their cost through water savings. Check EPA’s water utility auditing pages, including suggestions for WaterWise and EnergyStar appliance options to save water, energy and money.


Irrigation—watering lawns and gardens—can dramatically increase water usage. Consider:

  • ​Watering in the early or late hours
  • Watering lawn only when needed (turn off sprinklers in rainy periods)
  • Reducing lawn areas, planting native species and applying mulch around plantings. 
  • Allowing lawn to go dormant during heat waves or excess dry periods​. Dormant grass will rebound when cooler weather and rains return. 

You can reuse water and save money on your stormwater bill rate by using rain barrels, installing a rain garden and taking an online RiverSafe Home tutorial.