Preparing Compost and Compost Cart


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​Compost car​​ts 

The city offers a free compost cart, 64- or 96-gallon size, to any home that doesn't currently have one. There is a delivery fee of $56; however, carts can be picked up for free at City Hall or the Wheeler Service Center. To order a cart, please contact the Customer Service Center by phone at 734.994.7336, or via email at [email protected]. Orders for additional carts will be charged the additional cart fee of $50. Please note that repeat orders will be placed behind first-time orders.  ​

The city accepts a wide range of materials inside compost carts: plate scrapings (including meat and bones), fruit and vegetable waste, paper napkins, products made of compostable fiber products, leaves, and grass clippings. Compostable material should not be bagged or bundled inside the cart.

Paper y​ard b​ags

Paper yard bags are available from local retailers. They may be used for basic yard trimmings (lawn clippings and plate scrap​s must go in compost carts). Each paper bag may weigh up to 50 pounds. Please note that curbside service of paper yard bags can be a safety risk to city staff. Please help us keep everyone safe by not overstuffing bags. Remember, if you can't lift it comfortably, neither can city staff.

Plastic bags are not accepted for storing compostable material.

Bundled bru​​sh

Brush​​ and branches up to 6 inches in diameter ​and 4 feet long may be tied with natural twine into bundles up to 18 inches in diameter and weigh no more than ​50 pounds per bundle.​

Tips to stem composting odors​

  • Sprinkle baking soda in compost cart and in your kitchen composter.

  • Store compost cart in the shade during warm weather.

  • Empty the contents of kitchen composter into your compost cart frequently.

  • Drain as much liquid as possible from food scraps before adding them to compost.

  • For extra-smelly food scraps: wrap in newspaper before placing in cart or put in the freezer until collection day.

  • Layer food scraps in between yard trimmings.

  • Rinse out kitchen composter and compost cart before materials build up.

  • Spray inside of compost cart with a vinegar and water solution.​