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Jennifer Lawson, C.S.M.
Water Quality Manager

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The City of Ann Arbor fulfills the re​quirements for the Public Education measure of the Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) by providing residents with information about stormwater management, local water quality issues, and individual actions they can take to protect or improve the quality of area waters. This information, w​hich is available in a wide variety of formats, helps citizens become more informed of water quality issues and more involved in local storm water management initiatives. Some examples of educational materials and events are included below.

Huron River Watershed Council community calendar

The Watershed Community Calendar is a collaborative effort to educate residents about the importance of water stewardship and nonpoint source pollution prevention. The communities listed above believe there ​are substantial benefits that can be derived by joining together and cooperatively managing the rivers, lakes, and streams within the watershed and in providing mutual assistance in meeting state water discharge permit requirements. HRWC would like to thank them for their continued support of the calendar program.​

Phosphorus ordinance brochure

This informational brochure​ (PDF) describes Ann Arbor's phosphorus ordinance, the impacts of phosphorus pollution on the Huron River, and alternatives to phosphorus fertilizer. Copies of this brochure are available at local retail shops where fertilizer is sold.​

Print and advertisement campaign

The City of Ann Arbor participates in the Huron River Watershed Council’s (HRWC) print and advertisement campaign. Previous advertisements included one on phosphorus application (PDF) and another on fall leaf clean-up​ (PDF).​

Riparian living brochure 

This brochure (PDF) provides waterfront landowners with several tips and a list of external resources to protect water quality.

Youth stormwater activity

This activity - The Mystery of the Trashy Goo - is used by summer camp​ participants. In summer 2009, several hundred children learned about stormwater during their camp experiences.

Outreach Events

Each year, city staff present stormwater activities and provide educational materials at outreach events including Earth Day, the Mayor's Green Fair, and Huron River Day.​

Ann Arbor Water

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Prior to 2022, three separate water departments — with three different specialties — worked independently to provide quality water services and ensure the public health ​of the Greater Ann Arbor community. Today, these three units are working together as one — Ann Arbo​r Water​​ — committed to excellence, scientifically based data and innovative solutions.​