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​​​​Street tree planting plan​

Street tree planting is conducted based on an annual plan that identifies the areas of the city that will be planted during the fiscal year. The planting plan covers two planting seasons, fall and spring. 

Fall planting takes place from September to December and spring planting takes place from mid-April through June.

All trees are planted in the right-of-way (ROW). The ROW is the lawn extension along the public roadway, usually located between the curb and sidewalk. However, ROW still exists even when sidewalk is not present. 

Want a Tree?

Street Tree: If you would like a tree planted in front of your home or in your neighborhood, please contact the city to request a tree planting. 

Private Tree: If you are interested in trees for private property, check out the 10,000 Trees Initiative.  Through the 10,000 Trees Initiative's FreeTree program, you can receive free seedlings to plant on your private property!

City staff evaluates each site to ensure that that the ​location is suitable for tree planting. A number of factors are considered when identifying planting sites including, existing trees/vegetation, available rooting space, and location of driveways and underground utilities. Unfortunately, not all sites will be suitable for planting.  Selected tree planting sites will be marked with a green stake and/or paint. Please do not move or remove these marking or MISS DIG utility markings. 

Wondering how to take care of the newly planted street tree? Check out these ​care tips (PDF). 

​Tree planti​​ng resources 

Tree species information 

The ​​​City of Ann Arbor's Approved Street Tree List (PDF) supersedes other agencies/organizations recommendations.

Please Note: species on the invasive spe​cies list are not approved are prohibited​ from planting within the City of Ann Arbor's right-of-way.