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Interested in receiving news about upcoming events? Subscribe to our 10,000 Trees Initiative Mailing list h​ere.​​​ Have you received a tree through the 10,000 Trees Initiative? Register your tree on our TreeTracker app​ to view tree-specific info​ and receive watering alerts!

Urban trees provide many environmental, economic, social, and health benefits to the community, including: reducing stormwater runoff, improving water and air quality, ​reducing neurotoxic exposures that can impair brain development in babies and young children​, increasing biodiversity and resiliency against invasive species, moderating summer temperatures, lowering utility costs, improving quality of life, and beautifying the city. Our urban tree canopy is therefore crucial to our resiliency and carbon neutrality work. A properly managed urban tree canopy can create a safer and healthier future for residents, especially for ​those who are most vulnerable. But an urban tree canopy doesn’t just include the trees lining our streets, in our parks, and around our public buildings. It’s also comprised of trees on private property, from single-family homes and multi-family residential sites to private businesses and houses of worship. 

​In recognition of this, the Office of Sustainability and Innovations has developed the 10,000 Trees Initiative with the goal of planting 10,000 new trees on private property in the city by the year 2030. The trees added by this initiative will enhance our current canopy cover and will help to make our urban tree canopy more resilient by increasing both species and structural diversity. On this page, you can find information on the programs offered through this initiative and the ways in which you can get involved and add trees to ​your property. More information on Ann Arbor’s urban tree canopy can be found on the City’s Forestry web page​.

​​FreeTree Giveaway Program​

​Through the 10,000 Trees Initiative's FreeTree program, you can receive free trees to plant on your private property! All trees distributed through this program are donated to or purchased by the City of Ann Arbor and are provided to residents at no cost. All you need to do is register for a FreeTree event near you and request your trees, show up at the distribution site on the day of the event, load the young trees​ in your vehicle, and take them home to plant! Delivery options are also available for those with mobility or access challenges. Tree care and planting information is provided with every tree. If we have any ongoing FreeTree events, you can find information about them below. ​​Don't see a FreeTree event near you? Contact Sean Reynolds at [email protected] to help organize one!​

Fall 2021 FreeTree Giveaway (SOLD OUT):

​The 10,000 Trees Initiative, in partnership with the Washtenaw County Conservation District and the National Wildlife Federation, will be holding a FreeTree Giveaway on October 2nd from 2-6pm at the Leslie Science & Nature Center! Tree species available are arborvitae/northern whitecedar and eastern white pine. All trees are small, 1-3 foot tall seedlings and will fit easily in most vehicles. Planting and care instructions will be included with every tree.​ All trees have been claimed, and registration is now closed. If you are interested in being one of the first to hear about future 10,000 Trees Initiative events, please sign up for our mailing list here​.

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Br​anc​hOut Group Buy Program

The BranchOut program offers a wide variety of trees delivered and planted by our 10,000 Trees Initiative partner nurseries and landscapers – all at discounted prices! Each BranchOut event is hosted by a resident interested in adding trees to their property. Working with the Urban Trees Initiative Coordinator, this resident brings together neighbors, friends, co-workers, and others for a virtual BranchOut meeting. At this meeting, staff from OSI and the partner nursery will discuss the benefits of trees and proper tree care, answer any questions, and support attendees with purchasing trees at discounted rates. Each BranchOut event will have a different selection of available species, as well as a set planting date. After the meeting, anyone interested in purchasing trees at a discounted rate will be able to work directly with the nursery to choose their species and arrange planting details. On the planting date, the nursery will deliver and plant your trees for you! If you are interested in hosting a BranchOut event, please email Sean Reynolds at [email protected]. Or, join an existing event from the list below!

Our pilot BranchOut event​ will be held this fall - stay tuned for more information!​ We are also searching for households to host future BranchOut events - if you are interested in potentially hosting an event, please reach out to Sean Reynolds at [email protected].

​​TRE​Education Corner

Workshops. We are currently developing a series of tree-related workshops covering everything from tree ID to tree care! Check back regularly for updates or subscribe to our A2ZERO newsletter​ to stay connected.

TreeTracker. ​We are excited to introduce TreeTracker, the 10,000 Trees Initiative's web application! If you've received a tree through the 10K Trees Initiative, we encourage you to register for a TreeTracker account and enter your tree's information. You'll then be able to learn about your tree, how to plant it, and how to care for it! Plus, you'll be able to see our upcoming events and sign up for watering alerts based on real-time weather data!​

Tree Info Cards. Every tree planted through the 10,000 Trees Initiative comes with an informational card specific to that tree species! Below you can find links to the digital versions of each of these cards. ​​

Ameri​can Beech.pdf​​
Kentucky Coffeetree.pdf
American Elm.pdf
Kousa Dogwood.pdf
American Fringetree.pdf
Littleleaf Linden.pdf
American Hornbeam.pdf
London Planetree.pdf
American Linden.pdf
American Yellowwood.pdf
Northern Catalpa.pdf
Northern Hackberry.pdf
Black Walnut.pdf
Northern Red Oak.pdf
Black Willow.pdf
Northern Whitecedar.pdf
Norway Spruce.pdf
​​Bur Oak.pdf
Paper Birch.pdf
Common Apple.pdf
Common Pear.pdf
Common Persimmon.pdf
Red Maple.pdf
Red Mulberry.pdf
Eastern Cottonwood.pdf
River Birch.pdf
Eastern Hophornbeam.pdf​​​
Eastern Redbud.pdf
Shagbark Hickory.pdf
Eastern Redcedar.pdf
Shingle Oak.pdf
Eastern White Oak.pdf
Silver Maple.pdf
Eastern White Pine.pdf
Sugar Maple.pdf
Flowering Dogwood.pdf
Swamp White Oak.pdf
Japanese Zelkova.pdf
White Spruce.pdf

Virtual Tree Tour.
Get to meet some of Ann Arbor's tree species through our virtual tree tour. Simply click a tree on the map to bring up a link where you can explore the tree from different angles! And check out the video below for a​ guided version of the tour, led by our Urban Trees Initiative Coordinator.​

​​Trees of Ann Arbor. Managing our city’s urban tree canopy properly relies on knowing what trees we have. You can help us inventory our city’s trees by joining our Trees of Ann Arbor project on iNaturalist​! iNaturalist is a phone application that can be used to make observations of the natural world around you – from recordings of bird songs to pictures of trees and wildlife. It’s also a great tool for learning to ID these natural wonders – if you don’t know what something is, simply submit an observation and the online community of naturalists will be able to identify it for you! To learn more about how to download and use the iNaturalist app and join the Trees of Ann Arbor project, check out this presentation: Using iNaturalist.pdf.​

​​​​Ot​her​ Ways to Get Involved​​​

Volunteer. We are currently recruiting volunteers to help run our FreeTree giveaway events and/or plant trees at planting events – if you are interested in volunteering, please email Sean Reynolds at [email protected]​.org.​

Interested in helping to take care of our city's public trees and parks? Check out the Citizen Pruner Program and the Natural Area Preservation volunteer program​.

Subscribe. Interested in receiving news about upcoming events? Subscribe to our 10,000 Trees Initiative Mailing list here.

Donate. Trees provide the most benefits where they're needed most – on properties with low canopy cover. Unfortunately, adding trees to private property creates a short-term financial burden on the property owner. This means that those who live where trees are needed most often cannot afford the trees they need. To help alleviate the financial burden of purchasing a tree, the 10,000 Trees Initiative is proud to offer a Branch O​ut, Pay it Forward fund. This fund will be supported entirely by charitable donations and will be used to pay for the inclusion of low-income households in the BranchOut program, allowing for these households to receive trees, planting, and maintenance for free. If you are interested in donating to this fund, or would like to be considered as a recipient of a Pay ​it Forward tree, please contact Sean Reynolds at [email protected]. ​

Purchase an Eezy Treezy. ​Stop by the Ann Arbor Distilling Company (220 Felch St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103)​ and purchase a four-pack of the Eezy Treezy, the Distilling Company's new limited-time A2ZERO-branded drink! A portion of all proceeds supports tree plantings in low income neighborhoods!


If you have any questions related to the 10,000 Trees Initiative, please reach out to Sean Reynolds at [email protected] or 734-794-6000, ext. 43737. ​

 Photos of Past Events

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