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​​​Street View.JPGAny work that occurs in the right-of-way that impacts a city-owned street tree requires the submission and approval of a permit. This includes the following activities: 

  • ​tree removal
  • tree planting
  • tree trimming
  • tree fertilization treatments
  • insect/disease treatments
  • stump grinding

The permit is free, however, a canopy loss fee and/or tree appraisal may​ be charged for the removal of any city-owned street or park tree. 

Permit applicati​​​on process​

The city has launched a new online permitting system and has actively started to transition to this service as of March 18, 2022. STREAM will replace eTrakit as the city's land and permit management software.

Steps required

  • STEP 1: Visit and register a new account (click on Guest in the top right hand corner and select Register). This account will be used for logging into STREAM to apply for and manage building and trade permits.
  • STEP 2: Once registered with STREAM, navigate to the Apply screen to search for your application type. For forestry permits, search "Right-of-Way Street Tree".

Important notes

  • When applying for a new permit, the search bar can be used.  There is also a search filter located under the Show Categories link. 
  • Be sure to save often when using the STREAM system and avoid refreshing the browser.
  • Check your Junk inbox for emails sent by the STREAM system.
  • eTrakit will remain in use for active permits and projects currently in that system.   

Can a Resident hire a tree care company to do tree planting or tree work on a city street tree? 

YES! Residents interested in hiring a tree care company, at their own expense, to do tree planting or tree work on a city street tree (ex: tree pruning, stump removal, inse​ct/disease/fertilization treatment) can do so by filling out a street tree permit.  

Canopy loss fee

Any projects that propose the removal of a city-owned street or park tree will be required to pay a canopy loss fee. The canopy loss fee is a conservative estimate of the value the city-owned tree has to the community. For more information on the canopy loss fee click here.