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​​Canopy loss fee

Any projects that propose the removal of a city-owned street or park tree will be required to pay a canopy loss fee.   The canopy loss fee is a conservative estimate of the value the city-owned tree has to the community.  The canopy loss fee is determined by subtracting the total caliper inches of replacement street trees from the total DBH (diameter at breast height) inches of trees removed multiplied by the current average tree replacement cost per caliper inch.  The canopy loss fee is part of the Public Services fees that are approved by City Council.  

The current canopy loss fee rate is:
$244/inch for shade trees
$219/inch for ornamental trees 

Canopy loss fee examples

Example A:                 

Trees to be removed:  12" Silver Maple, 6" Hackberry and 6" Sweetgum
Total DBH inches of trees removed= 24"
Replacement trees:  Three, 2" caliper trees
Total Caliper inches of replacement trees = 6"

Canopy Loss Fee Calculation:  (24" - 6") x $244/inch = $4,392

Example B:

Trees to be removed:  8" Flowering dogwood, 4" Eastern Redbud
Total DBH inches of trees removed= 12"
Replacement trees:  Five, 2" caliper trees
Total Caliper inches of replacement trees = 10

Canopy Loss Fee Calculation:  (12" - 10") x $219/inch = $438


Alternative Mitigation for Site Plan Development Projects

A project that proposes the removal of Landmark and/or Woodland trees can satisfy up to 50% of the required mitigation through payment to the City if required mitigation trees cannot be placed on the same property. The payment is based on the current Canopy Loss Fee rate and will be used to plant trees elsewhere in the City.  ​​