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Pl​anning the F​irst Net-zero Fire Station in Michigan​


The City of Ann Arbor Fire Department is working toward building the first Net-zero Fire Station in the State of Michigan. The project would replace the fire station located at 2415 S. Huron Parkway (Fire Station 4), which was built in 1966 and has outlived its expected lifespan. The station presents near constant maintenance issues and has a failing sanitary sewer discharge. It lacks any energy conservation, sustainability, or gender equality features. Ann Arbor based A3C Collaborative Architecture leads the planning and design services along with sub-contractor TCA Architecture, who adds extensive experience and expertise from designing two net-zero fire stations for Salt Lake City. The new fire station would be the city's first carbon-neutral facility with geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and other energy efficiency actions. Beyond aligning with the city's A2ZERO carbon neutrality goals, the project will also accommodate today's needs for gender neutrality in terms of showering, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters. Additionally, the new site design would also provide a new exit without the blind corner that currently exists at Platt Road and Huron Parkway. A safer entrance and exit for emergency response are very valuable to all.  ​

Current Status

New Fire Station 4 is currently in the design and engineering phase. A virtual public meeting was held on Tuesday, May 17th to discuss Fire Station 4 improvements and potential changes to the Scheffler Park basketball court. A site plan is scheduled to be submitted for review in summer 2022. Construction funding has not been secured.  

Timeline a​​nd Opportunit​​ies to be Involved

Rebuilding Fire Station 4 at its current location avoids land acquisition costs. It also provides an opportunity for site enhancements to the adjoining Scheffler Park. A virtual public meeting was held on Tuesday, May 17th to gather input on site work, including relocating or replacing the existing basketball court.​ A copy of the meeting presentation can be found here:

 ​​2022 Fire Station 4 Community Engagement (PDF)

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed here​. We greatly appreciate the citizens' time, support and feedback on this excit​ing project. ​

Why is thi​s Project being Done?

  • Replace an outdated facility that has exceeded its lifespan with a modern state-of-the-art fire station that will accommodate fire and emergency response vehicles, equipment, and services for the next 50 years.

  • The building will be of high-quality design and civic architecture that enhances the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Progression toward the City of Ann Arbor's Sustainability Action Plan and climate-related goals with the first net-zero Fire Station in Michigan.

  • Blazing a trail by supporting gender neutrality in the fire service.

  • Address flood plain and wetland site challenges. ​

Work to b​​​e ​​Done​

  • The cost is $8.3 million.

  • Submitting site plan for review (summer 2022)

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