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Job op​​​​portunities

Interested in a career in the fire service? Check to see whether the City of Ann Arbor Fire Department is hiring now. 

Learn about what it takes to become a firefighter.​​

Residential entry system for AAFD

Knox HomeBox enables firefighters rapid entry to your home without damage if you're not home or unable to open the door.  Knox HomeBox is a key safe mounted outside that can be unlocked only by the fire department.  This is a voluntary alternative to forced entry, delayed entry or no entry when the fire department is called to your home for a medical emegency or fire alarm activation.

Routine fire hydr​​​​an​t flushing 

Vie​w a map of routine fire hydrant-flushing areas. 


In emergency situations, call 9-1-1

Nonemergency line

The  Ann Arbor Fire Department delivers exceptional life and property protection services to the entire community. We serve with compassion and professionalism within an atmosphere of innovation, professional growth, and diversity.