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Onder Nature Area is a 4.2-acre park located on Ann Arbor's north side. One of this park's most important ecological features is its location. Positioned between the upland forests of Leslie Park and Black Pond Woods and the riparian complex of Argo, Bandemer, Barton, Bird Hills and Kuebler Langford, Onder serves as a “green corridor," providing important habitat connectivity. The park consists of mesic forest, formerly dominated by ash. A few large oak trees and many black cherry and box elder fill in the overstory. There are two small streams and many pockets of wooded wetlands.

Access and Parking​​​

The park has entry locations on both Brookside and Hilldale Drives with on street parking. A hiking/biking trail linking the neighborhood with a local trail system was created by volunteers, including a small boardwalk which was installed by the Eagle Scouts.


Purchased by the City of Ann Arbor in 2007.

Other Resour​​​ces

As a green corridor, Onder is a place where birds, mammals, reptiles, insects and seeds can move through the urban landscape without facing assault. The stream at the north end has a nice diversity of mesic and wet-mesic woodland wildflowers including trillium, early meadow-rue and marsh marigolds, woven together by a ground cover of Virginia creeper.​