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Kuebler Langford Nature Area

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​Kuebler Langford Nature Area is a 31-acre park immediately north of M-14 where it is tucked into the sharp curve of Huron River Dr. Beechwood Dr. is part of the western border of the park. Camp Hilltop is north of the park. Parking is available on Beechwood and on the western shoulder of Huron River Dr. Trails are unpaved and are accessible from the parking areas. These trails bisect the park from east to west and connect to trails in Bird Hills Park across Beechwood. A small spur trail is located on the north side of the park and is only accessible from Huron River Dr.

Part of the park is an old field area, with very little top soil. Interestingly, some plants here are native dry prairie species such as round headed bush clover and stiff goldenrod. A deep ravine bisects the park from west to east, and a moist woods, like that found in Bird Hills Park, covers the steep slopes and the area north of the ravine. Further east along the ravine a dryer forest dominates with large black and white oaks and an understory of witch-hazel and hazelnut shrubs.