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Hilltop Nature Area

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Hilltop Nature Area is a 7.7-acre park adjacent to Kuebler Langford Nature Area, connected to Bird Hills Nature Area, and within walking distance of Sunset Brooks Nature Area. Its ecosystem consists of oak-hickory forest and wooded sedge meadow. This nature area has spectacular views of the Huron River valley with rich carpets of wildflowers in the spring and a creek. 

Access and Parking

​A trail runs along the ridge to the north. Bench and table at the site of the former Girl Scout house.​


​In 2006 a fire destroyed the main building at this park formerly known as Camp Hilltop and owned by the Girl Scouts of Huron Valley.  Seeking to preserve its cultural and natural history, the City of Ann Arbor purchased the 7.7-acre property from the Girl Scouts of Huron Valley in August 2007. ​

Other Resources

​Rare and interesting plant species found in Hilltop include broad-leaved puccoon, Michigan lily, and wood betony.