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Questions? Contact the Ann Arbor Bicentennial Murals Committee, [email protected]​.

Ann Arbor is celebrating its bicenten​​nial in 2024, and in many creative, inclusive and unique ways. The Ann Arbor Bicentennial Murals project will incorporate abstract art on  basketball courts at two Ann Arbor parks - Bicentennial Park (formerly Southeast Area Park) and Leslie Park.​

​Voting is closed, the winner will be announced soon!

The Bicentennial Murals Committee has selected the top three artist-submitted designs and residents have voted on the final design. The mural design receiving the most votes will be painted on the basketball courts at Leslie Park and Southeast Area Park, which ​​will be renamed Bicentennial Park this year. 

​David MacLaren Design

​Ann Arbor’s vibrancy weaves together a beautiful mix of city life, diversity, and the natural environment with which it is embedded. The University is at the heart of the city, and nested within is a countless number of parks, nature preserves, and wildlife. The color scheme and rigidity of the dots hint at these two sides: nature and city. The upper dots mimic a city skyline and bright lights and the lower dots are blue and fluid like the Huron River.​

Mathew Sharum Design

In the past, Ann Arbor really blossomed as an Agricultural Trading Centre with the arrival of the Michigan Central Railroad in 1839 and the falling leaves represent the ever present and enduring trees of Treetown. In the “Present” section are the dual skylines: the city is lively both night and day. The “Future” section illustrates the amazing work Mott Children’s Hospital does by using the chemical structures of chemotherapy drugs used in the treatment of Childhood Leukemia. The future of education is shown with the transition from book learning to a more digital presence of knowledge.​

MAS Murals.PNG

Amanda Humphrey and Joe Trumpey Design

The design depicts the Huron river and burr oaks in the foreground, echoing features of the bicentennial logo. The background depicts a stylized skyline featuring centers of art, culture, education, and residential life in Ann Arbor. The abstract river represents how our city has changed through time, and its colorful facets as we move into the future.​

Humphrey-Trumpey - Design.png


  • June 28​, 2024 - End of Public Voting Perio​d. 

  • Summer 2024 - The selected artist will install their design on the basketball courts at Bicentennial Park (formerly Southeast Area Park) and Leslie Park. The community will be invited to participate in the painting process, with volunteer painting events planned by the city.

Celebrate A200​

Learn more about all celebrations and initiatives planned on the official Ann Arbor Bicentennial​ site.