​Ann Arbor Identifies Key Infrastructure Projects Responsive to Federal Funding

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May 5, 2022 - ​The City of Ann Arbor has identified key infrastructure projects that are aligned with the federal funding that will invest trillions of dollars across the country over the next five years. Funds are being distributed through federal and state agencies, but also directly to municipalities in some instances. In order to maximize and coordinate with potential funding opportunities, the City of Ann Arbor's infrastructure agenda, (PDF), outlines eligible projects needing federal and state support.  

“We have worked hard to analyze what our most critical needs are," said Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor. “As the federal government makes infrastructure investments over the next several years, I look forward to advocating on behalf of our city."

Potential Projects

View the complete list of eligible projects included in Ann Arbor's infrastructure agenda online at (PDF). Several projects of note include:

  • Build First Net-Zero Fire Station in Michigan: The City of Ann Arbor Fire Department is working toward building the first net-zero fire station in the state of Michigan. The project would replace the fire station located at 2415 S. Huron Parkway (Fire Station 4, which was built in 1966 and has outlived its expected lifespan.) The station presents nearly constant maintenance issues and has a failing sanitary sewer discharge. It lacks any energy conservation, sustainability, or gender equality features. A new fire station would be the city's first carbon-neutral facility with geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and other energy efficiency actions. Beyond aligning with the city's A2ZERO carbon neutrality goals, the project will also accommodate today's needs for gender neutrality in terms of showering, bathrooms, and sleeping arrangements.

  • Accelerate Street Resurfacing:  The city of Ann Arbor has road resurfacing needs across the community. It is the city's intent to package these into specific projects that meet Federal and State program requirements.

  • Protect Drinking Water with Treatment Replacement: This project includes the design and replacement of the 1938 treatment basins that are in disrepair and do not meet current performance standards. Replacement of this infrastructure is essential to ensure safe and reliable drinking water for the Ann Arbor community and neighboring townships.

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