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Ann Arbor Solar Installation Rate Reaches All-time High in 2023

Archived News Release: December 18, 2023 - ​​Ann Arbor has installed 219 solar systems as of Dec. 14, making 2023 the biggest year for solar installations in the city's history. Combined, the installations added over 1.8 MW of solar in Ann Arbor and brought solar adoptions rates to 4% of all residential households. With yet another strong year of solar installations, Ann Arbor continues to be a leader in solar adoption as the city strives toward achieving the A2ZERO goal.  

A majority of the residential installations represent residents who purchased their solar through the Solarize program. Solarize is a community bulk-buy solar program aiding residents in Washtenaw County with convening neighbors, friends and participating solar installers. The program facilitates learning about residential solar, getting questions answered, and provides the option to come together to bulk-purchase solar, allowing for significant savings. In 2023, Solarize groups collectively installed over 840 kW of solar, resulting in residents saving over $400,000 in upfront costs on their installations and approximately $3.8 million in energy costs over the estimated 25-year lifespan of the systems. Over Solarize's three-and-a-half-year tenure, participation from over 600 homes has resulted in over 4.5 MW of solar. This has translated to residential savings of over $1.9 million in upfront costs and over $20 million in energy costs over the 25-year lifespan of the systems.  

In addition to the residential installations, five new solar arrays were installed at city facilities, totaling almost 300 kW in renewable energy systems supplying electricity for city operations. Solar projects will continue to be installed through 2024. Once complete, the city will have over 4 MW of solar supporting city operations.  

The City of Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations also collaborated with the Ann Arbor 2030 District to launch the Ann Arbor Area Commercial Solar Program to help commercial properties in Ann Arbor and throughout Washtenaw County access the benefits of clean, renewable energy.

Commercial businesses who need help procuring solar for their site can fill out a form to get free technica​l assistance on their project.  

As the calendar turns to 2024, Ann Arbor looks to build on this positive momentum, and set yet another record for installations. Anyone interested in joining a Solarize group, or considering hosting a group, may contact Joe Lange, Solarize program lead, at [email protected], or learn more at  

The City of Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations was founded in 2018 and is guided by the Ann Arbor Carbon Neutrality Plan: A2ZERO. A2ZERO strives toward one unifying vision: Together, creating and implementing a just transition to carbon neutrality, community-wide, by the year 2030. Learn more at  

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