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​​​Upcoming Events​

Ann Arbor Solar Stories

​One-hour virtual event hosted by the GLREA on the first Thursday of each month​. Come hear from Ann Arborites who have gone solar, and have a chance to ask them all your questions! Register at the link for "Thursday Night Energy Events" to receive meeting links.

​​​Solarize OHMHA

Join the Orchard Hills - Maplewood neighborhood launch of a Solarize group-buy on Sunday August 1st at 3:00pm on Zoom. The meeting is full of information, bring your questions about solar! Contact Julie Roth for more information and the meeting link.​​

Recent Events​

“Power Hour” Feb. 11, 2021 at 7pm, virtual.
This webinar was a chance for folks to come learn about solar for their homes, energy efficiency and electrification, and how it all relates to the goals of A2ZERO, as well as the program we have to help folks get discounts on solar (Solarize). Emerging science around indoor air quality and gas stoves was also discussed. This webinar was recorded and is available on YouTube​.​

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Welcome to Ann Arbor Sola​​​rize!


What:  Ann Arbor Solarize is a community bulk-buy solar program.  We gather neighbors and friends together, along with participating solar installers, to learn about residential solar, get questions answered, and provide the option to come together to bulk purchase solar, allowing for significant savings. 


Why:  The benefits are robust for individuals, the community, and the planet. The costs of solar have come down significantly over the last decade, panel efficiency is better than ever, and in the big relief bill, congress just extended the big 26% federal tax credit that was in the process of sunsetting, so all installations in 2021 and 2022 now qualify. Legislation has recently passed in Lansing eliminating the property tax increase associated with solar, further incentivizing residential adoption.  In combination with the bulk-buy savings realized through Solarize, residents can access this green energy source with greater ease. 


Who:  As part of the City of Ann Arbor’s A2Zero carbon neutrality work, the Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations works with local and regional solar Installers, as well as Michigan Saves, a non-profit green bank that facilitates low-interest financing for green upgrades, including solar installations. 


How:  Our participating installers have all agreed to tiered discounts depending on the number of participants in a Solarize event.  These discounts are available because of savings realized by reduced outreach costs for the installers, and potential discounts they can realize by ordering in bulk as well.   


To learn more or to sign-up for a Solarize event, please contact the Ann Arbor Solarize program coordinator, Julie Roth, at [email protected] or th​e OSI Director, Missy Stults ([email protected]), for more information. 



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