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Molly Maciejewski,
Water Treatment Services Manager


Image of child holding a water glassThe City of Ann Arbor works hard to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective drinking water and outstanding customer service, and we are committed to constantly improving our services and operations. 

The Ann Arbor water supply is comprised of both surface and groundwater sources. Approximately 85% of the water comes from the Huron River. The remaining 15% comes from multiple wells located south of Ann Arbor. 

When treatment is complete, water from the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) is pumped to homes, schools, and businesses in Ann Arbor as well as to Ann Arbor and Scio townships for resale to their customers. The city supplies water to approximately 125,000 people and has an average day demand of 14 million gallons per day (approximately 5 billion gallons of water a year). 

The WTP manages the city’s water distribution system, which is comprised of five pressure districts within the city. The main reservoir, three outlying reservoirs, four remote pump stations and two elevated tanks supply these districts.​