Non-Residential Stormwater Credits

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​​​​Non-residential properties exclude single and two-family dwellings and are billed at the rate of $995.97 per impervious acre per quarter, plus a $4.49 customer charge per quarter. The following actions can be undertaken to receive credits on the quarterly stormwater bill.

Non-residential credit options 

Community Partners for Clean Streams

Community Partners for Clean Streams (CPCS) is a program with the Washtenaw County Water Resources' Office to help identify practical, cost effective ways to protect Washtenaw County waterways through pollution prevention. CPCS is a cost-free initiative that provides information, technical advice and recognition to participants. 

This option reduces the customer charge by 25.83%.  

Chapter 63 Compliant Stormwater Control

Locations may be able to install a stormwater management system that meets the standards outlined in Chapter 63 (changed to Stormwater Management, Section 5.22 of the Unified Development Code).  This is also a potential credit option for one- and two-family residences that are part of a larger development with a stormwater management system.  For more information, email [email protected].

This option reduces the customer stormwater discharge rate by 28.87%.  

Other Approved Stormwater Controls

A variety of options are listed below and described in Best Management Practices for Stormwater: A Developer's ​Guide for Ann A​rbor (PDF).  For more information, email [email protected]:
  • Vegetated Swales and Filter Strips 
  • Infiltration and Percolation Basins and Trenches
  • Porous Pavement 
  • Extended (Dry) Detention Basins 
  • Retention (Wet) Ponds 
  • Constructed Wetlands 
  • Media Filtration
  • Other Stormwater Treatment System

This option reduces the stormwater discharge rate by 8.17% and the customer charge by 25.83%.  


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