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The City sweeps all streets at least twice per year, during the spring and summer and then again in fall. Street sweeping is highly weather dependent and because of this no set schedule is available. During the fall, our goal is to sweep after the majority of the leaves have fallen and before temperatures cause debris on the street to freeze. Each cycle takes approximately six weeks to complete and the schedule is dependent on daily progress ​which can be affected by parked cars, weather conditions, equipment availability and other priorities.​

Street cleaning assists in removing leaves and other debris, however, streets will accumulate debris or leaves that are blown from yards between sweeping cycles. Unfortunately, the City does not have the resources to remove debris from all of the City’s 23,000 storm drains, so we must rely on the assistance of home and property owners, who, if physically able, should try and keep storm drains nearby clear.

Resident, property and businesses owners should take note that sweeping leaves from private property into the street is illegal.