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The Ann Arbor Public Art Commission is an advisory body to City Council with the goal of creating public art in Ann Arbor that improves the aesthetic quality of public spaces and structures and provides cultural and recreational opportunities that contribute to local heritage, stimulates economic and promotes the general welfare of the community.

We are not a source of funding and any proposed project should address a plan for funding. ​​However, we can provide visibility and feedback for proposals submitted and, if municipal space is part of your project, city ordinance requires you to seek our recommendations first. AAPAC meetings are open to the public; agendas and minutes for the Public Art Commission are stored on the Legistar​​ Calendar.  

2023 Golden Paintbrush Awards nominations now closed for the year​

The Golden Paintbrush Award recognizes adults, children and organizations who have encouraged creativity in Ann Arbor’s publicly visible spaces. Awards will be given for art which demonstrates collaboration and excellence, and which adds a bit of magic to our daily life. Visual, music and oth​er arts, including online, are eligible. The 2023 submission deadline (April 28) has passed. Learn more about the awards program​. 

Virtual art tour

​Now you can take a virtual tour of public art in Ann Arbor. Learn more about each piece and the artist behind it. The tool also works on your smartphone, essentially​ serving as a digital guide. City-of-Ann-Arbor-Public-Art-Tour.png​​​City gallery art      ​​

In collaboration with the City of Ann Arbor, the An​n​ Arbor Art Center curates rotating exhibitions in the City Council Chambers. Each exhibition highlights the talent and creativity of artists who live and work in Ann Arbor and throughout Washtenaw County. 

​​Get involved ​

You can get involved by making a donation, organizing a ​neighborhood public art project, volunteer to serve on an AAPAC sub-committee or offer suggestions for public art themes and locations.  If you'd like to suggest location, or concept, ideas for public art that the city could commission, please send an email to [email protected].org​ or write to us at:​

Public Art ​​Commissioners:​
​Cynthia Harrison, Member of City Council  (non-voting)
Allison Buck, Chair, Marketing Director
Sarah Fuller,  Artist
Jamall Bufford,  Vice-Chair, ​WISD Project Specialist
Sophie Grillet, Fine Artist
John Kotarski, Educator
Marianetta Porter,  Artist/Professor
Mary Thiefels, Artist 
Peggy Leonard, Elementary Art Teacher​

​Citizens interested in supporting and promoting the City of Ann Arbor through partic​ipation on a city board or commission, please visit the Boards and Commissions page.

Ann Arbor Public Art Commission
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