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​Ann Arbor's Champion Tree program identifies and catalogs the largest tree of each specie​s within the city. The program was created in 1995 to highlight and recognize these amazing trees and increase awareness and appreciation for outstanding trees that help make Ann Arbor "Tree Town."

Every other year, nominations are accepted for prospective Champion Trees. After verification, winners are announced and reign as Champion for two years.     Slipper Elm Champion Tree 2018.JPG

A current list, along with interactive map can be found on the Champion Tree Map, which provides the species, size, location and the environment​al, social and economic benefits of each tree.

The Slippery Elm Champion Tree, picture​d here, is located at 2942 Sharon Drive and currently earns 253 Champion Tree Points. It has a circumference of 151 inches, height of 81 feet, and a crown spread of 84 feet. Over the course of a year, this tree provides $171 in energy savings, intercepts 8,637 gallons of stormwater, and sequesters 2,226 p​ounds of carbon dioxide. All of these amount to about $472 in overall total annual benefits.

Which trees are eligible to be to be nominated?

All non-invasive trees are eligible to be nominated.

How is a tree determined to be a champion?

Champion tree status is determined based on a point system calculated using the following formula:

Circumference (in.)+Height (ft.)+1/4 Crown Spread (ft.)= Total Points

The tree with the highest point total becomes the champion for that species.