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​​​​Environmental Assessment for the Proposed Runway Safety Extension Project

In February 2009, the City initiated an environmental assessment (EA) process to determine the potential impacts of lengthening the primary runway at the Ann Arbor Airport.  The EA addresses potential impacts to noise levels, air quality, water quality, wetlands, floodplains, plant and wildlife, light emissions, historical and cultural resources, traffic, social and socioeconomic factors. 
Preliminary draft environmental assessments were completed in 2010 and 2016, presented to the public and public comments on both documents were received. With changes to the environmental review process that have occurred since the start of this project, the EA has been revised to address these newer standards.  The updated 2022 draft EA has recently been completed and is available for public review.  The scope of the proposed runway project has been lessened from the original EA with the proposed runway length being reduced from 4,300' to 4,225'. 

A public hearing will be held on December 13, 2022 from 5:30 pm to 8:00 pm at Council Chambers, 2nd Floor, Guy C. Larcom City Hall, 301 E. Huron Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Comments on the draft EA can be made at the meeting through the on site court reporter or by completing comment cards that will be available at the meeting.  Comments on the draft EA can be provided by mail or email until January 13, 2023. For additional details on the public hearing or the public comment period, please see the Notice of Public Hearing and Availability of Draft EA link below. No runway changes have been approved nor can they be considered until the EA process is completed and the appropriate approvals granted.  

The 2022 draft EA is available online below.  The full draft EA document is a large file so the document has been split into smaller files to make downloading easier. Printed copies are also available for viewing at multiple locations listed in the Notice of Public Hearing and Availability of Draft EA link below.

Notice of Public Hearing and Availability of Draft EA.pdf

​​Draft EA 

2022 Draft EA Part 1.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 2.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 3.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 4.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 5.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 6.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 7.pdf

2022 Draft EA Part 8.pdf

Draft EA Appendices

Appendix A Section 163 Determination.pdf

Appendix B Airport Layout Plan.pdf

Appendix C Runway Justification Study.pdf

Appendix D Runway Protection Zone Analysis.pdf

Appendix E Early Agency Coordination.pdf

Appendix F Air Quality Analysis.pdf

Appendix G Biological Resources.pdf

Appendix H Farmland.pdf

Appendix I Hazardous Materials - Abridged Version.pdf

Appendix J Section 106 Report.pdf

Appendix K Wildlife Site Visit.pdf

Appendix L Noise Analysis.pdf

Appendix M Water Resources.pdf

Appendix N Past Public Comments and Responses.pdf

Airport Capital Improvement Plan

The Ann Arbor Airport annually files a multi year AIP Capital Improvement Plan with the State of Michigan as required by the Federal Aviation Administration that shows projects being considered that are eligible for federal and state grant funding.  The most recent Plan is available by clicking on the link below.​

ACIP Summary 2023-2029.pdf



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