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​Expenditure Highlights

Below is a chart representing how the City spent its budget for fiscal year 2017 for governmental funds (General, Special Revenue, Debt Service, Capital Projects, and Permanent funds). Safety Service-related areas continue to be the largest use of our resources. The categories are defined as follows:

General Government- This represents service units such as Mayor & Council, City Administration, City Clerk, District Court, City Attorney, Finance, Human Resources and other administrative costs. 

Police & Fire- This represents service units for Police and Fire. 

Other Public Safety- This represents the Planning & Development service unit expenditures related to building inspections.  

Roads- This represents the expenditures related to road construction, repair and maintenance. 

Other public works- This represents costs associated with facility management, street lighting, hydropower operations, and customer service related to General Fund collection activities. 

Public Transportation- This represents the transfer to the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority. 

Community & Economic Development-  This represents the human services funding as well as federal grant fund​ing for community development. Costs associated with the economic development fund are also shown here.

Recreation & Culture- This represents the expenditures associated with recreation facilities and administration of park programs. The Historic District Commission expenditures are also shown here.

Capital Outlay - This represents capital outlay including projects for which the City issued a bond (i.e. Courts/Police building or the DDA Fifth Avenue parking structure).

Debt Service-  This represents the cost of principal and interest paid on the City's general obligation debt.

Net Interfund Transfers- This represents activities between the funds.


 This chart outlines the changes to expenditure per capita in each category of expenditure:

Expenditure Highlights2-FY18.jpg