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2019 Program Completed Safely

On Monday, January 21, 2019 the City of Ann Arbor reopened all parks and nature areas as a result of safely completing the 2019 deer management program, including culling and sterilization activities, which were undertaken via a special research permit issued by the MDNR.   

Program activities included:  

  • Sterilization (non-lethal) — From Nov. 25-28, 2018, White Buffalo sterilized six female deer from two zones in Wards 1 and 2. All sterilized female deer were fitted with numbered ear tags, and one mature doe in each group was radio collared to facilitate future program efforts. Success within these areas is achieved by the capture and sterilization of more than 95% of female deer identified in the target zones. To date, White Buffalo has sterilized 78 female deer in these zones. The permit allowed for up to 80 to be sterilized. 

  • Lethal — From Jan. 2 to 20, White Buffalo sharpshooters lethally removed 112 deer from designated parks and nature areas, University of Michigan and Concordia properties and city-selected private parcels with owner consent. All culling operations were completed safely.

The city continues to invest in the collection of data to monitor the impacts of deer management efforts and to provide accurate information for public policy discussion on local deer management activities. Data collection includes:

These data points will assist staff in completing a final deer management 2019 summary report which is estimated to be completed by July.  


On Nov. 8, City Council approved a resolution to contract with White Buffalo, Inc. for combined surgical sterilization and sharpshooting management services for the City of Ann Arbor's 2019 deer management program, which was the fourth year of a four-year City Council approved deer management plan.