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Due to limits placed on the research permit by the Michgian Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), sterilization will not be part of the 2020 program, which will be considered by City Council at the Nov. 18, 2019 meeting. ​


The 2020 program will be the fifth year of deer management activities in the City of Ann Arbor. Initially, City Council approved a four year deer management plan, however, the MDNR issued a five-year research permit. To complete the MDNR permit, City Council will be asked to authorize an additional year of deer management activities, which have been included in the 2020 fiscal year budget. The program is operating under a “research” permit from the MDNR and includes lethal removal (culling) and non-lethal sterilization. Without the research permit (to White Buffalo, Inc.), the MDNR would only permit lethal culling. Because of the research permit, the MDNR permitted limited use of sterilization. Due to limits placed on the research permit by the MDNR, sterilization is not part of the 2020 program because there is a cap in the permit allowing for the sterilization of 80 deer maximum. The city successfully sterilized 78 to date. Without an increase in allowed sterilizations, it is not cost effect to mobilize sterilization operations for two deer.