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​2023 A2​​CA Schedule

The City of Ann Arbor ​​will host the majority of 2023 Ann Arbor Community Academy via Zoom. 

A select few meetings will be In-Person with very limited capacity. These in-person tours will be limited to a small number of people who sign up for the tour on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who would like to participate in the in-person tours are required to sign up. The facilities have the right to cancel the tour in the interest of public health or other emergency circumstances.   

All meetings, with the exception of the In-Person tours, will be conducted via Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:30 PM.​





March 1st

City Administrator

Milton Dohoney​, City Administrator​

Link to Video:​

March 8th


Raymond Hess, Transportation Manager​

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March 14th

In-Person: Police Department

Treca Zdybek​, Senior Officer II

March 15th

Housing Commission

Jennifer Hall, Executive Director AAHC ​

Link to Video:

March 21st

In-Person: Fire Department

Mike Kennedy, Fire Chief​

March 22nd

Greenbelt Advisory Commission, NAP & CTN

Becky Hand, NAP Supervisor
Rosie Pahl Donaldson, Land Acquisition Supervisor

Melissa Bondy , CTN Manager​

Link to Video:

March 29th


Missy Stults, Sustainability & Innovations Manager​

Link to Video:​​​

April 5th


Denise Jeanes, Management Assistant for the HRC, ICPOC, and CODI ​

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April 11th

In Person: Wheeler Center

Molly Maciejewski, Public Works Manager​

April 12th

City Clerk’s Office & Renters Commission

Jacqueline Beaudry, City Clerk
Stephen Gerhart, Chief Deputy City Clerk
Kristen Vander Lugt, Office Manager​

Represe​ntative from Renters Commission​

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April 19th

Information Technology

Tom Shewchuk, IT Director
Markus Davis, Help Desk Manager
Kevin Eyer, Technology & Change Manager
David Harris, Network Manager​

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April 25th

In-Person: Wastewater Treatment Plant

Keith Sanders, Wastewater Treatment Services Manager​

April 26th

City Council & Graduation