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Park Address: ​800 Rose Avenue,​ Ann Arbor MI 48104 (​playground, swing set and tire swing)​​

                      819 Henry Street,​ Ann Arbor MI 48104​ (bench plaza on south side of Stadium)

Access and Parking          Amenities          History          Active Adopters

Hours and Rules​

Open ​​6 a.m.-10 p.m. Smoking is prohibited and dogs must be on leash. Refer to Chapter 39 of the City of Ann Arbor Code of Ordinances for full list of park regulations and rules and refer to posted park signage at Graydon Park.  ​Alcohol is prohibited without approved permit-contact park rentals for policies and rules related to rentals and special uses. ​​


​Graydon Park is a 1.12-acre park made of a series of triangular parcels along East Stadium Boulevard. View the Ann Arbor Parks and Nature​ Areas Map​ for location context. It was previously named Rose White Park until 2020, when it was renamed in honor of Graydon Krapohl, who had been a park neighbor and a city council member. One parcel is located within the Lower Burns Park neighborhood and contains a playground, tire swing, swing set, picnic table and paved paths. It is accessible from East Stadium Boulevard and State Street.

Another parcel located south of East Stadium Boulevard contains benches and landscaped areas. There are two parcels along East Stadium Boulevard that do not contain amenities. See satellite map​ and asset map​ for more information about what the parcels contain and their locations.

​​Access and Parking​

​Because the park is comprised of many parcels, there are multiple areas for access and parking depending on your destination.

For those visiting the park area with the playground, tire swing, swing set, picnic table and paved paths, this parcel can be accessed from East Stadium Boulevard, State Street and from Rose Avenue inside of the Lower Burns Park neighborhood. There are two ADA accessible points along East Stadium Boulevard. The access point from State Street will take you down a long paved path to the main park area with amenities. Across the street from this State Street entrance, you will find a stairway that leads up to East Stadium Boulevard which passes over State Street. There is free street parking on Rose Avenue inside of the neighborhood.

When visiting the other park parcels, be sure to follow all posted parking signage regarding street parking as there are limited parking options. All parcels can be reached by foot on sidewalks or by bike via the marked bike lanes.

Public transportation: The Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (The Ride) operates the public transit system for greater Ann Arbor-Ypsilanti area. ​​ There is a stop on State Street​ which is near all park parcels and a stop on Packard Street that is a quarter-mile walk from the park. Visit The Ride for route and schedule details and check out the parks ride guide for information on visiting parks by bus.  ​​

​Using a phone? - Click for a GPS Tracker and Wayfinding Map

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  • ​​Playground, tire swing and swing s​et
  • Picnic table and benches
  • Drinking fountain
  • Landfill receptacles​​​​​
  • Paved paths to East Stadium Boulevard and State Street​; winter path maintenance​
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There are ongoing and limitless opportunities for volunteering and getting engaged with the Ann Arbor Parks and Recreation Services Unit. Natural Area Preservation has volunteer opportunities that support their mission to protect and restore Ann Arbor's natural areas and to foster an environmental ethic among its citizens. GIVE 365 and the seasonal Adopt-​a-Park Program​ offer volunteer opportunities in the mowed park areas. If you are feeling the call​​​ to volunteer or give some time, reach out or explore the websites above to see what’s upcoming or how to get involved.​

Re​port a Problem - A2 Fix It​

To rep​ort maintenance issues, or other problem during your park visit, please report through A2Fix It.  Parks are large spaces and A2 Fix It requests can be difficult to find without detailed information. When reporting an issue in a park please include location details. There is a details and description section near the end of the request process to help you provide this. In addition, users can utilize the pin (website) or X (mobile app) feature to provide specific location information inside the park. Finally, please consider including a wide angle photo or include background landmarks, which helps staff find and fix the problem.

Gifts and Donations 

Information on donating to the parks and the Guide to Giving can be found here. Alternatively if you have a special project or park improvement idea that you want to donate your time and energy toward, a great place to start is through Adopt-a-Park and the proposing a special park project guide. For information on donating a tree through Adopt-a-Park, the tree donation guide can help you get started.​ For special projects ideas in natural areas, Natural Area Preservation​ staff will guide you and provide project guidelines unique to natural areas.​​​​​

In 2020 a picnic table and plaque in honor of Graydon Krapohl was donated by Graydon's family, friends and fellow park neighbors. The picnic table can be found between the tire swing and playground north of East Stadium Boulevard.

Graydon Park tire swing.JPG

Park History

​Ann Arbor's city parks sit on the ancestral and traditional homelands of several indigenous Native peoples. Read a land acknow​ledgement​ from the city and learn more about the early history of the land here​.​​

The City of Ann Arbor purchased the land originally known as Rose White Park from the Michigan State Highway Commission for one dollar in 1966. The park name was derived​ from its location at the intersection of Rose Avenue and White Street. 

The City sold a parcel at the southeast corner of Industrial Highway and East Stadium Boulevard to First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Detroit for $10,500 in 1981. These funds were used for park improvements and the city held a public meeting and questionnaire for public input. Much of the following improvements included tree plantings that were funded by the Elizabeth Dean Fund. In 1988 several neighborhood volunteers participated in the construction of a new play area. The current playground was installed in 2005.​

​​​Park Renaming​​

​In September 2020, park neighbors presented to​ the Parks Advisory Commission to rename the park from Rose White Park to Graydon Park, to honor fellow neighbor, volunteer and former City Council member, Graydon Krapohl. The resolution was passed unanimously and the park was renamed to Graydon Park. 

Graydon Krapohl was born in Ann Arbor and attended the University of Michigan and was regarded as someone who exemplified service. He served in the United States Marine Corps, in both active duty and reserve status, for 30 years and achieved the rank of Colonel. In his civilian career, Graydon worked in the Federal, nonprofit and private sectors where he provided expertise in information technology, strategic planning, organizational design and development, program management and leadership. 

Graydon served as a member of the Ann Arbor City Council from 2014-2018 representing the 4th ward. He also served on the Parks Advisory Commission from January 2013 to November 2014. He served on the Human Rights Commission, Local Finance and Development (LDFA), Council Administration Committee, Public School Liaison and the SPARK Public Sector Committee. 

​Graydon actively volunteered with the City's Adopt-a-Park​ volunteer program. He partnered with staff to advocate for park improvements, planned and led annual workdays in the park with his fellow park neighbors and was dedicated to being an active member in his community. He passed on April, 15th 2020. View his obituary h​ere.

Graydon Park workday 2019.JPG

Active Adopt​ers​​

​​​​​​Lower Burns Park Neighborhood Association​

​​​​​​Many members of the Lower Burns Park Neighborhood Association work with the City to beautify and maintain the park, advocate for improvements and coordinate volunteer activities. This group of neighbors and volunteers have formed a wonderful partnership with the City through the Adopt-a-Park volunteer program to ensure the park is safe and inviting for all. During​​ their volunteer activities, neighbors remove litter, clean up garden areas, spread engineered woodchips on the playground areas and more.

If you would like to learn more about how the neighbors of Graydon Park partner with Adopt-a-Park or if you would like to get involved and be notified of upcoming volunteer events, contact [email protected] or call 734.794.6445.​

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​In 2016, Kem-Tec, an engineering, surveying and environmental services ​business that is housed adjacent to one of the park parcels, proposed an improvement plan for the parcel south of East Stadium Boulevard. Kem-Tec partnered with the Adopt-a-Park program to create a design and donated funds to purchase benches and lamp posts and are actively maintaining this area. The parcel is now a resting spot and cut through from Henry Street to East Stadium Boulevard.

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​Updated November 2022. ​Email [email protected] for incorrect/outdated information.