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Independent Volunteer Opportunities

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​If you are interested in volunteering independently in the parks, reach out to [email protected] to see what m​ay be available at this time of year. You can also visit Adopt-a-Park for long term interests at a specific park. 

​Visit Trash Trailblazers for information on independent litter collecting. 

Read below for our featured or ongoing, independent volunteer opportunities 

​Volunteer to help update park webpages

Ann Abor parks maintains and cares for 161 park properties in our City. Each park has a webpage and we want to update them and improve the information available. Park webpages should provide clarity on access points, parking and available amenities. They also can provide information or details unique to each park--natural features, fun facts, photos or history about the property. This is a huge project and volunteers are being recruited to help us collect and compile the information desired. Read below for the ways you can contribute to this community project that is sure to inspire all of us to spend more time in nature​​​!

Park Audits

Are you looking for a way to give back while taking a walk in a park? Well, look no further! Your task is to visit and explore a specific park to compile a thorough and detailed review from a park visitor perspective. We provide you with an audit checklist, maps and an example report. Whether you know this park well, or are a first time visitor, your perspective has value and your inspection is important. Pick a park from our list or let us know any preferences. Whether you audit one park or ten, we appreciate your time and effort. If interested reach out to [email protected]

Park Audit​ time commitment (2-3 hours per park)

20-30 minutes of prep. Review audit materials, mapping and direction options, and available park details before setting out.

15-45 minutes on site audit. Possibly longer depending on park size or trails.

20-30 minutes to write out audit notes and mark up final copies of maps and audit checklist with yoru findings

10-45 minutes optional history or park research. Additional on-line research or collection​ of oral history through NextDoor or other community means. 

10 minutes to finalize your content and report or scan/attach and send it all back to us.

A few parks at the top of our list for auditing:

  1.  Clinton
  2. Cloverdale
  3. Evergreen
  4. Mushroom                      
  5. Hollywood
  6. Huron Highlands
  7. Liberty Plaza
  8. Mixtwood Pomona
  9. North Main
  10. White Oak Park 

  11. Onder

If you are up for a real challenge, some of our hardest to find and access parks are: 

​Writing and Editing Content

If you enjoying writing or would like to assist with park history- research/compiling /scanning--or otherwise contribute to the editing of content collected for a specific park, please reach out to Erika at [email protected].

Great Photos

We are looking for website-worthy photos of our parks. Whether its nature, wildlife or an amenity – we want great pictures in all seasons. If you have an eye for photography and want to volunteer in this way and allow us use of your images, please reach out to [email protected]. ​