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Public Satisfaction Survey

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​In 2013, the Michigan Supreme Court and State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) began requiring individual courts to participate in an annual statewide public satisfaction survey process to help determine how the Michigan court system was meeting the needs of the public. 

The results of the survey are intended to help courts:

  • Identify areas where service to the public can be improved and develop action plans accordingly.
  • Identify high performing areas of service, commend those responsible, and share successful models across the system.
  • Communicate results with funding unit representatives and the public to further public trust and confidence in the court.

The survey questionairres were developed and provided to the courts by the SCAO. All completed surveys are submitted to the SCAO for tabulation. 

In May of 2017, the SCAO changed the participation requirement from annual to biennial (every other year).  Surveys are now required to be conducted in every even-numbered year.  However, courts have the option to conduct the survey in odd-numbered years, even though it is not required.    

The results of the 15th Judicial District Court Public Satisfaction Surveys for 2015 to 2019 can be seen in the table below along with the 2018 Statewide Results (the most current statewide results available).  




​2017 Results


2019 Results

​2020 Results


2018 Statewide Results 

​I was able to get my court business done in a reasonable amount of time today.​90%​90%



​88%​97%​Survey canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic.​90%
I was treated with courtesy and respect by court staff.​99%​98%



​94%​99%​Survey canceled.​95%
​The way the case was handled was fair.​92%​91%​88%​88%​94%​Survey canceled.​88%
​The judge/magistrate treated everyone with courtesy and respect.96%


​99%​92%​99%​Survey canceled.​94%
The outcome of my case was favorable to me.​63%​68%​71%​61%​69%​Survey canceled.​85%
​As I leave the court, I understand what happened in my case.​90%​95%​95%​90%​97%​Survey canceled.​84%