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Ann Arbor Expands Services for Fall Leaves Beginning Oct. 2

Archived News Release: September 21, 2023 - ​The City of Ann Arbor is expanding services to help residents manage their seasonal leaves for 2023. Between Oct. 2 and Dec. 15, the city will expand the number of bags that can be left at the curb for collection; allow unlimited leaf drop off at the Ann Arbor compost facility, from residents or their landscaper; and make available free wood chips at four locations around the city.  

Yard bag limit e​​​xpans​ion 

Beginning Oct. 2, residents will be able set out 20 paper yard bags per collection day instead of 10. Individual bags must not exceed 50 pounds. Residents are also encouraged to use compost carts for fall leaves.   

Unlimited dro​p off for leaves

The Ann Arbor compost facility, 4170 Platt Road, will accept unlimited leaf drop offs from residents or their landscapers beginning Oct. 2 for the fall 2023 season. The facility, operated by WeCare Denali, is normally open weekdays 7 a.m.–4 p.m.  To drop off, visitors must use the automated scale system, which includes weighing in and out. Leaves from properties outside the city of Ann Arbor do not qualify for this free service.   

Dealing with yard​​ material at hom​e 

There are options outside of paper yard bags and compost carts to make use of leaves, branches and other material from your yard (see more at Some options include:  

  • Use a mulching mower to feed grass clippings and leaves back into your lawn.  

  • Use mulched leaves to cover flower beds in winter. 

  • Create a compost pile.  

  • Consider creating a dead-wood garden  with limbs and branches you might otherwise discard. Even that old holiday tree could be used. These  gardens not only fertilize the underlying soil, but they also become homes for beneficial insects, birds and fungi.  

Free wood c​​​​hi​ps 

The City of Ann Arbor is making free wood chips available to residents at four locations around the city, as of Tuesday, Sept. 19. Residents will be required to load and haul the material away themselves. The wood chips will be available until November or while supplies last.  

Locations for free wood c​​hip pickup​​ include: 

  • Veterans Memorial Park, 2150 Jackson Ave. 

  • Southeast Area Park, which is located at the corner of Ellsworth Road and Platt Road.

  • Allmendinger Park, which is located on Pauline Boulevard between Hutchins and Edgewood Avenue. 

  • 721 N. Main St.​

No leaf bur​​​ni​​​ng

Burning leaves produce particulate matter which can be harmful. Michigan and City of Ann Arbor law make it illegal to burn leaves within the city limits.

More information about wood chips, fall leaves and all things compost is available at    

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