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Ann Arbor Shares List of Planned 2021 Road, Sidewalk, Utility and Resurfacing Projects

Archived News Release: March 18, 2021 - ​The City of Ann Arbor is releasing its list of road and sidewalk projects scheduled for construction in 2021. This year's projects include resurfacing/restoration of nearly 9 miles of roads, 6.2 miles of preventative maintenance and 5,700 feet of new sidewalk construction. All projects are listed online at Projects and schedules are subject to change. 

Construction work will cause road and lane closures, so travelers are advised to sign up for email or text alerts, at  

2021 Street Resurfaci​​ng/Restoration Projects

These projects generally include removal and replacement of part or all the existing asphalt or concrete pavement; curb and gutter repairs; repair and/or replacement of drainage and other utility structures; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and restoration. Their durations range from one month to several months depending on the work activities.

Major Streets ​​(4.709 mi​​​les)

  • Ashley Street (West William Street to Miller Avenue) – DDA project

  • Geddes Avenue (Windy Crest Lane to Earhart Road) – with utility project

  • North First Street (West Kingsley Street to West Huron Street) – DDA project

  • Plymouth Road (Broadway Street to Murfin Avenue/Upland Drive)

  • Scio Church Road (South Maple Road to South Seventh Street)

  • South Huron Parkway at Lindsay Lane

  • South Industrial Highway (East Eisenhower Parkway to East Stadium Boulevard)

  • West Kingsley Street (North First Street to North Main Street) – DDA project

  • West Liberty Street (Crest Avenue to South Seventh Street) – with utility project

Minor (​​Local) Streets​​ (3.927 miles)

  • Baldwin Avenue (Packard Street to East Stadium Boulevard)

  • Brockman Boulevard (Packard Street to East Stadium Boulevard)

  • Cranbrook Road (Chesterfield Street/Hampshire Road to Towner Boulevard)

  • Crest Street (West Liberty Avenue to Buena Vista Street) – with utility project

  • Crestland Street (Packard Street to Amelia Place/Saint Francis Drive)

  • Dorchester Road (Manchester Road to Towner Boulevard)

  • Dunmore Road (Waverly Road to Winsted Boulevard) – with utility project

  • Ferdon Road (Eastover Place to Crestland Street)

  • Eddy Street (Verle Avenue to southerly end)

  • Hartford Street (Winsted Boulevard to Mershon Drive)

  • Manchester Road (end of concrete pavement to Washtenaw Avenue)

  • Marshall Street (Verle Avenue to Verle Avenue)

  • Saint Aubin Avenue (La Salle Street to Creek Drive)

  • Saint Francis Drive (Amelia Place/Crestland Street to Nature Cove Court)

  • Verle Avenue (westerly end to Platt Road)

  • Waverly Road (Weldon Boulevard to Dunmore Road) – with utility project

  • Weldon Boulevard (Waverly Road to Winsted Boulevard) – with utility project

  • Winsted Boulevard (Hartford Street to Weldon Boulevard) 

2021 Capital Preventative Mainten​​​ance Projects

These projects generally include removing and replacing only the upper portion of the existing asphalt pavement (thin mill and fill); minor curb and gutter and drainage/utility structure repairs; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and minor restoration. They may also include surface preservation treatments like micro-surfacing and cape sealing, or crack filling and sealing. Their durations are typically less than a month and may range from a day or two up to a few weeks depending on the work activities.

Major Streets ​​​(2.590 miles)

  • Beakes Street (North Main Street to North Division Street/East Summit Street)

  • Hill Street (South Forest Avenue to Washtenaw Avenue)

  • Liberty Street (South Main Street to South State Street)

  • Liberty Street (South Seventh Street to Ann Arbor Railroad)

  • Madison Street (Thompson Street to South State Street)

  • Newport Road (Miller Avenue to Sunset Road)

  • Pontiac Street (Moore Street/Longshore Drive to John A. Woods Drive)

  • Forest Avenue (Hill Street to Forest Court)

Minor​​ (Local) Streets (​​​3.764 miles)

  • Baldwin Place (Baldwin Avenue to easterly end)

  • Balmoral Court (Lowell Road to Lowell Road)

  • Canterbury Road (Towner Boulevard to Platt Road)

  • Chesterfield Street (Packard Street to Cranbrook Road/Hampshire Road)

  • Eastover Place (Jewett Street/Packard Street to Ferdon Road)

  • Edgewood Place (West Hoover Avenue to northerly end)

  • Elder Boulevard (Crest Street to Eberwhite Boulevard)

  • Elizabeth Street (East Kingsley Street to High Street)

  • Henry Street (South State Street to White Street)

  • Holyoke Lane (Lowell Road to Newport Road)

  • Lincolnshire Lane (Warrington Drive to southeasterly end)

  • Lowell Road (Warrington Drive to Newport Road)

  • Provincetown Court (Lowell Road to southwesterly end)

  • Robin Road (Bydding Road to Fountain Street)

  • Salisbury Lane (southwesterly end to southeasterly end)

  • Second Street (West Mosely Street to West Jefferson Street)

  • Sybil Street (East Hoover Avenue to Hill Street)

  • Towner Boulevard (Dorchester Road to Hampshire Road)

  • Waltham Drive (Saxon Road to Warwick Court)

  • Warrington Drive (Newport Road to Huron River Drive)

  • Woodbridge Boulevard (Eberwhite Boulevard to easterly end) 

2021 Concrete Side​​​walk and As​​phalt Path Projects

These projects include the construction of new sidewalks or the resurfacing/rehabilitation of existing asphalt paths and involve earthwork; removal and replacement of part or all the existing asphalt pavement; placement of new sidewalk; placement of base materials; new or replacement sidewalk ramps to achieve ADA compliance; and restoration. Their durations range from one week to several weeks depending on the work activities.

New Side​​walk​​s

  • Barton Drive (north side between Pontiac Trail and Brede Place)

  • Boardwalk Drive (east side between East Eisenhower Parkway and Oakbrook Drive from address numbers 2875 to 2775)

  • Fuller Court (south side from UM property near Fuller Road easterly to address number 2250)

  • Jackson Avenue (south side between Wagner Road and Park Lake Avenue)

  • Manchester Road (west and north sides approximately 400 feet south of Washtenaw)

  • Scio Church Road (north side between Landmark Court and Winsted Boulevard)

  • Stimson Street (both sides between South State Street and White Street)

  • Yost Boulevard and Eli Drive (east and north sides fronting Forestbrooke Athletic Club)

Asphalt Pat​​hs​​​​​​ Restoration

  • Packard Street (east side between Independence Boulevard and Stone School Road)

  • Packard Street (north side from Colony Road through the Buhr Park frontage)

  • Packard Street (south side from Woodmanor Court to Platt Road)

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