Ann Arbor 2020 Planned Road, Utility & Resurfacing Projects

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Archived News Release: March 25, 2020 - ​The City of Ann Arbor is planning for a significant 2020 construction season with nearly 10 miles of resurfacing/restoration projects, some with utility improvements included, as well as 9 miles of capital preventative maintenance work. Due to Michigan's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a timetable for when these projects will begin and conclude is not yet available. All projects are listed online at​

Construction work will cause road and lane closures, so travelers are advised to sign up for email or text alerts, at  

2020 Resurfacing/Restoration Projec​​​ts

These projects ​may include removal and replacement of part or all of the existing asphalt or concrete pavement; curb and gutter repairs; repair and/or replacement of drainage and other utility structures; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve ADA compliance; new pavement markings; and restoration. Their durations range from one month to several months depending on the work activities.

Major ​​Streets (2.929 miles)

  • First Street (West Kingsley Street to West William Street)

  • Barton Drive (M-14 to Pontiac Trail.) – with utility project

  • Boardwalk Drive (Eisenhower Parkway to northerly cul-de-sac end)

  • Geddes Avenue (Church Street to roadway spilt west of Observatory Street)

  • Granger Avenue (South State Street to Packard Street)

  • Plymouth Road (Murfin Avenue to Nixon Road)

  • South University Avenue (South State Street to East University Avenue) – with utility project​

Minor (Local) Streets (6​.754 miles)

  • Barrington Place (Dunmore Road/Weldon Boulevard to Runnymede Boulevard)

  • Brampton Court (Covington Street to northerly cul-de-sac end)

  • Dicken Drive (South Maple Road to northerly end)

  • Dunmore Road (Winsted Boulevard to Sanford Place)

  • Greenview Drive (South Seventh Street to Scio Church Road)

  • Hanover Court (Mershon Drive to easterly cul-de-sac end)

  • John Street (Fifth Avenue to South Division Street) – with utility project

  • Kent Street (Dicken Drive to Waltham Drive)

  • Las Vegas Drive (Coronada Street to Avondale Avenue)

  • Mershon Drive (Southerly cul-de-sac end to Scio Church Road)

  • Morehead Court (South Seventh Street to easterly cul-de-sac end)

  • Norfolk Street (Suffolk Street to Suffolk Street)

  • Runnymede Boulevard (Las Vegas Drive to northerly end)

  • Suffolk Street (West Stadium Boulevard to westerly end)

  • Tudor Drive (South Maple Road to Dicken Drive)

  • Waltham Drive (Warwick Court to Covington Street)

  • Winsted Boulevard (Southerly cul-de-sac end to Weldon Boulevard)

  • Yeoman Court (Wiltshire Drive to northerly cul-de-sac end)

2020 Capital Preve​​ntative Maintenance Projects

These projects may include removing and replacing only the upper portion of the existing asphalt pavement (thin mill and fill); minor curb and gutter and drainage/utility structure repairs; sidewalk ramp replacement to achieve AD A compliance; new pavement markings; and minor restoration. They may also include surface preservation treatments like micro-surfacing and cape sealing, or crack filling and sealing. Durations are typically less than a month and may range from a day or two up to a few weeks depending on the work.

Major Streets (2.5​​​51 miles)

  • East Eisenhower Parkway (Boardwalk Street to North Service Drive)

  • East Madison Street (South Main Street to South Fourth Avenue)

  • East Stadium Boulevard South State Street to Packard Street)

  • Packard Street (East Stadium Boulevard to Harpst Street/Anderson Avenue)

  • Pittsfield Boulevard (Packard Street to Washtenaw Service Drive)

    Minor (Local) Streets (6.498 miles)

  • Second Street (West Mosely Street to West Jefferson Street)

  • AginCourt (Covington Street to westerly cul-de-sac end)

  • Amesbury Drive (Churchill Drive to Delaware Drive)

  • Ardmoor Avenue (Avondale Avenue to West Stadium Boulevard)

  • Astor Avenue (South Industrial Hwy. to Wisteria Drive)

  • Avondale Avenue (Las Vegas Drive to Westfield Avenue)

  • Avondale Avenue (Maywood Ave to Greenview Dr)

  • Barnard Road (Mershon Drive to Greenview Drive)

  • Braeside Place (South Seventh Street to easterly cul-de-sac end)

  • Carol Drive (Runnymede Boulevard to Stephen Ter/Wimpole Street)

  • Chaucer Drive (Southerly cul-de-sac end to Scio Church Rd)

  • Coronada Street (Alhambra Dr/Sue Pkwy to Alhambra Dr)

  • Covington Street (Brampton Court to easterly cul-de-sac end)

  • Dunmore Road (Waverly Road to Barrington Pl/Weldon Boulevard)

  • Edgewood Place (W Hoover Avenue to N'ly End)

  • Elder Boulevard (Crest Street to Eberwhite Boulevard)

  • Elizabeth Street (East Kingsley Street to High Street)

  • Glen Leven Road (Greenview Drive to Woodland Drive)

  • Green Hills Drive (Earhart Road to Earhart Road)

  • Hanover Road (Waverly Road to Mershon Drive)

  • Henry Street (South State Street to White Street)

  • Newbury Court (Morehead Drive to southerly cul-de-sac end)

  • Normandy Road (Mershon Drive to Greenview Drive)

  • Rugby Court (Wiltshire Drive to End of Cul-de-sac)

  • Saxon Road (Waltham Drive to Waltham Drive)

  • Scio Church Service Drive (Greenview Drive to South Seventh Street)

  • South Seventh Street (Southerly cul-de-sac end to Morehead Drive/Morehead Court)

  • Stephen Terrace (Runnymede Boulevard to Carol Drive/Wimpole Street)

  • Sue Parkway (Runnymede Boulevard to Alhambra Drive/Coronada Street)

  • Sybil Street (East Hoover Avenue to Hill Street)

  • West Washington Street (South First Street to Third Street)

  • Waltham Drive (Scio Church Road to Saxon Road)

  • Warwick Court (Waltham Drive to southerly of cul-de-sac end)

  • Waverly Road (Hanover Road to Dunmore Road)

  • Welch Court (Scio Church Road to southerly cul-de-sac end)

  • Westfield Avenue (Avondale Avenue to West Stadium Boulevard)

  • Wimpole Street (Carol Drive/Stephen Terrace to southerly end)

  • Wimpole Street (Runnymede Boulevard to Dicken School Parking Lot)

  • Windsor Drive (Waltham Drive to Covington Street)

  • Wisteria Drive (Woodbury Drive to Astor Avenue)

  • Woodbridge Boulevard (Eberwhite Boulevard to E'ly End)

  • Woodland Drive (Glen Leven Road to West Stadium Boulevard)

  • Worthington Place (Lans Way to southerly cul-de-sac end)

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